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Mit Kapitän 12 Personen 10h00 / 17h00 300PS

Über das RIB von David

A really sensational head turning RIB custom built to order. Superyacht tender styling, finish and performance. great performance with economy with teak decks, pop-up cleats, bespoke instrumentation, seating etc. Has a really smooth ride, feels much bigger than she is. Malta is blessed with clear waters, sunshine and some of the oldest history in the world, by water and on your own boat the sights are far more accessible not only to see but to enjoy as well, explore private beach and hidden caves and coves, arrive in style with the private boat, no shares! your completely on your own along with your highly experienced captain. At Malta rib charter we can offer you the perfect setting and base for these such adventures whether it be a day charter, half day cruise of private harbour tours. We operate from March until December and of course weather permitting On stepping aboard this luxury appointed RIB you get that instant good feeling, our inboard diesel supercharged engine works effortlessly to get us to our destination with speed and comfort. The teak decks and sumptuous upholstery are subtle and you can just sit back and enjoy the ride, your captain will brief you on all the safety features and discuss the days itinerary with before departure. Choose from our day charter offers or enjoy a private cruise, evening charters and private harbour tours, our fast executive water taxi is available to connect resorts and the towns and city with a high speed comfortable link every day until late evening.

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  • V-Type Classic Inboard in Vittoriosa
    Miete rIB in Vittoriosa
    RIB V-Type Classic Inboard zu vermieten
    RIB V-Type Classic Inboard
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  • Modell: Classic inboard
  • Hersteller: v-type
  • Länge: 7.8m
  • Breite: 2.5m
  • Tiefgang: 0.6m
  • Jahr: 2009
  • Leistung: 300PS
  • Anzahl Plätze an Bord - Zulassung: 12
  • Anzahl Plätze an Bord - Empfehlung: 8
  • Stornobedingungen: Mittel
  • Kautionsbetrag: 0€
  • Check-in/out Zeiten: 10h00 / 17h00

Ausrüstung des RIBs

    Extras außen
  • Sonnensegel
  • Badeleiter
  • Esstisch
  • Sonnendeck vorne
  • Sonnendeck hinten
  • Dusche an Deck
  • Elektrische Ankerwinde
  • GPS
  • Echolot
  • mobiler Seefunkdienst
    Über/Unter Wasser
  • Flossen, Taucherbrillen und Schnorchel
  • Angelausrüstung
  • Flaschentauchausrüstung
  • Wasserski und Zubehör
  • Wakeboard und Zubehör
  • Schwimmreifen und Zubehör
  • Steckdose 220V
  • USB-Anschluss

Ort des rIB: Vittoriosa

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