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Rental type
With or without a skipper
0 - €1,200+
0 - 60+ m
0 - 400+ hp
2003 - 2024
100 Max Km
+100 boats available

Sailboat Lagoon Sixty 7 20.11m (2023)

With a skipper

From €3,857 per day

JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 40 Sailing Yacht (2001)

With a skipper

From €271 per day

Discount offer

Discovery (2015)

Without a skipper

From €2,786 per day

Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 40 11.89m (2023)

With or without a skipper

From €570 per day

Gulet Nostalgija (1997)

With a skipper

From €1,500 per day

Gulet Nautilus (1996)

With a skipper

From €2,286 per day

Motorboat Colnago 35 2023 (2023)

With a skipper
 3  · Super owner

From €900 per day

Saver RIVIERA 24 (2004)

With a skipper
 18  · Super owner

From €375 per day

All inclusive - 1 to 10 days - Sun odyssey 43.9 (2013)

With or without a skipper
 11  · Super owner

From €879 per day

Discount offer

Sailboat BENETEAU OCEANIS 35 (2016)

With or without a skipper
 · Super owner

From €199 per day

Gulet Altair (2008)

Without a skipper
Super owner

From €2,429 per day

Gulet Korčula custom built Gulet Carpe Diem 7 29.87m (2003)

With a skipper

From €2,500 per day

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 14m (2023)

With or without a skipper

From €503 per day

Daily sailing tours / short cruises (2012)

With a skipper
 36  · Super owner

From €423 per day

Discount offer

Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi 40 - skipper/crew included (2010)

With or without a skipper

From €429 per day

Discount offer

Luxury catamaran Lagoon 42 AURA / With skipper - extras included (2018)

With a skipper

From €443 per day

Customized Sailing Tour Up to 8 People (2007)

With a skipper
 13  · Super owner

From €571 per day

Discount offer

Sailboat BENETEAU OCEANIS 41.1 12.43m (2019)

With or without a skipper

From €300 per day

Yacht charter in Split with Click&Boat

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia, the capital of the Dalmatian region and the main ferry port in the country, making it a hotspot destination for sailing. If you want a unique sailing trip full of beautiful things to see and do, rent a boat in Split! Discover some of the best beaches in the country, see stunning, ancient architecture and experience a rich culture all while cruising along the sparkling Adriatic sea.

A Split yacht charter gives you the freedom to explore the nearby islands of Brač and Hvar, as well as the beautiful coves sprinkled throughout. Thrill seekers can practise water sports in Korčula where people go scuba diving, sailing, surfing, jet-skiing and swimming. There’s so much to discover about one of the most sought-after cities in Croatia, so why not see it all by boat? Book your dream boat rental in Split and start making memories today.

You can also rent a boat in Hvar to gain an equally exciting, yet unique, sailing experience. Starting your journey from this island will give you a whole new perception of the beauty of each region.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Split, Croatia?

If you’re considering renting a boat in Split, the price will differ depending on the time of year, the number of passengers on board, and the size and type of boat you choose. Of course, additional amenities or services could also affect the price, such as having a skipper on board. Below are some average prices of Split yacht rentals by boat type.


Rent a sailboat in Split for an average price of €4,280/week in the high season and €2,130/week in the low season for 10 people.


A motor boat charter in Split is usually around €350/day in the high season and €260/day in the low season for 7 people.


A RIB in Split costs €500/day in the high season and €300/day in the low season for 13 people.


A catamaran rental in Split averaged at around €12,100/week in the high season and €2,900/week in the low season for 10 people.


All of our gulets come with a skipper on board. The average price of a skippered gulet is about €16,000/week in the high season and €12,000/week in the low season for 10 people.


A private yacht rental in Split starts at around €18,000/week in the high season and €12,000/week in the low season for 12 people.

Jet ski

A jet ski rental costs €250/day for 3 people.

Day boat hire in Split, Croatia

If you just want a quick seaside retreat, you can’t go wrong if you charter a boat in Split, Croatia for the day. Most daily rentals are motorboats and RIBs and the average cost is about €4250/day.

What can you see and do on a boat rental in Split?

Split is full of wonderful things to see and do and there are many gorgeous and unique places to see along the Adriatic coast. Here’s a list of some of our favourite places to explore in and around Split!

  • Stroll through the streets of the Old Town and see various filming locations from the hit series “Game of Thrones.” You can also view the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world, the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Kayak or paddleboard over to Marjan Forest park where you’ll see lush greenery and various hiking routes.
  • Snorkel in the famous Blue Lagoon and when you’re done, take a stop in the mediaeval town of Trogir.
  • Head to the Blue Cave, or Blue Grotto, on the island of Biševo. Admire the striking blue hues caused by the reflection of sunlight through the water and on the cave walls.
  • Go rafting on the Cetina River for a boost of adrenaline.
  • See breathtaking waterfalls at Krka National Park and swim in the crystal clear waters.
  • Island hop to see the nearby islands of Brač, Hvar, Korcula and Vis.
  • Visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park and see a slice of heaven on earth, with emerald water and diverse plant life.
  • Explore the secluded beaches and coves of the Pakleni islands, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


Croatian cuisine is known for its fresh seafood, hearty meat dishes, and delicious cheeses and pastries. The local cuisine in Split, specifically, is heavily influenced by its coastal location, and you'll find an abundance of seafood on the menus of many restaurants.

One of the most popular seafood dishes in Split is grilled fish, which is often served with a side of swiss chard or potatoes. Other popular seafood dishes include black risotto, octopus salad, and cuttlefish stew.

Meat lovers will also find plenty to enjoy in Split. One of the most famous meat dishes is pašticada, a slow-cooked beef stew that is often served with gnocchi. Another popular dish is peka, which is a traditional Croatian dish made with meat (usually lamb or veal), potatoes, and vegetables, all cooked together in a clay pot.

When it comes to cheese and pastries, Split is known for its delicious sheep's milk cheese, which is often served with prosciutto and olives. And for dessert, be sure to try the local specialty, fritule, which are small fried doughnuts that are often dusted with powdered sugar.

Of course, there are many other delicious dishes and specialties to try in Split, and you're sure to find something to suit your taste buds. And if you're a wine lover, be sure to sample some of the local wines, such as the white wine Pošip and the red wine Plavac Mali.

What is the best time for a Split yacht charter?

The best time to rent a yacht in Split would be between May and October, when you have warm weather and little to no rainfall. For the hottest weather, visit in the summer with averages of 28°C. However, summer is the high tourist season in Croatia which means that Split will be crowded and the prices of Split boat charters will be more expensive.For slightly lower prices and fewer crowds, we recommend a sailing experience at the tail ends of the high season in either May, June or September.

Hire a boat in Split with or without a skipper

Looking for a luxury yacht charter in Split, Croatia? A large number of our boat rentals in Split include a skipper on board or allow a skippered option at an additional cost. Having a skipper on board will ensure that you have an even more enjoyable experience.

A skipper will know the area well, and so this is a wonderful chance for you to discover hidden beaches or lesser-known attractions situated just next to the Adriatic Sea. A skipper will also be able to adapt your sailing route so that it best suits both your desires and those of your family and friends. They will take care of the sailing, docking and anchoring of the boat. This means that you can sit back, worry-free, and soak in the beauty of this stunning city.

If you choose not to hire a skipper, make sure you have the appropriate boating licence for your boat. Alternatively, choose a boat that you can rent without a licence. Whether you decide to hire a yacht in Split with or without a skipper, you’re sure to have an unforgettable holiday.

What type of boat is best for a Split yacht hire?

If you’re wondering which type of vessel to choose for your Split boat rental, you have to think about the logistics of your sailing holiday. If you want to sail for a longer period of time it would be better to choose a comfortable and spacious vessel, fully equipped with all of the amenities you’ll need.

Yachts and catamarans are great options for longer sailing trips as they are usually rented by the week, and they have everything on board to accommodate all passengers. For a shorter time on the water, we recommend a daily charter such as a RIB or a motorboat. If you’re an avid sailor you might prefer a traditional sailboat. Be aware that sailboats can be difficult to navigate and should only be operated by experienced licence holders. Find the perfect vessel for your Split boat hire with Click&Boat.

Good to know

Number of boats:509 boats available
Types of boats:Motorboat, Sailboat, Motor Yacht
Average price: €754 per day
Minimum price: €93 per day
Maximum price: €14,704 per day
Manufacturers:Jeanneau, Marinello, and more

Frequently Asked Questions about Split

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Split for a day?

The average cost of renting a boat in Split is around €754 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between €93 and €14,704 per day.

Is it possible to rent a boat with skipper in Split?

It is possible to rent a boat with skipper in Split. On Click&Boat, there are 5 boats in Split where a skipper is available. However, please note that this comes at an additional cost, which is on average €151 per day.

What are the most popular boat manufacturers in Split?

The most popular boat manufacturers in Split are Jeanneau and Marinello.

How many people can fit on a boat in Split?

The maximum capacity for boats in Split is 100 persons. Note that if you rent a boat with skipper, they also count to the number of people.

What types of boats can I rent in Split?

In Split you can rent for example a Motorboat, Sailboat or even a Motor Yacht.

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Aug 28, 2022
Beautiful, lively town and the perfect jumping off spot for some island hopping.
Aug 26, 2022
Split is a very nice place to go, especially when visiting wild beaches and creeks. The Blue Lagoon is beautiful but a bit crowded. We spent more time in the south of Solta (as recommended by our local renter) and really loved it. The gas station is a bit crowded at the end of the day, but it works out fine. A little cons is that we met a very rude skipper there. Otherwise, the renter and other drivers were nice.
Jun 8, 2022
The run to HVAR is straightforward and a must. You have navigation options on most vessels as well as international apps.
Oct 4, 2021
our 4 day tour started in Split, we stayed the first night in Milna (Brac), then over to Stari Grad (Hvar), 3rd night in Vis (Vis), and lat night finally Hvar (Hvar), before heading back to Split in the morning before checkout. great tour and experience!