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RIB BOMBAR Sunrider 550 90hp (2011)

From €231 per day


RIB Zodiac Medline 2 130hp (2014)

From €299 per day


Motorboat REGAL 2300 300hp (2015)

From €750 per day


Motorboat Quicksilver Activ 805 cruiser 300hp (2016)

From €400 per day


Catamaran FOUNTAINE PAJOT LAVEZZI 40 12m (2005)

From €543 per day

 9 · Pro · Super owner

Catamaran Edel Cat 35 (1988)

From €53 per day


RIB suzuki Medline 175hp (2008)

From €490 per day

 10 · Super owner

RIB CAPELLI tempest 626 luxe 150hp (2013)

From €280 per day

 9 · Pro

Motorboat Airon Marine 223 300hp (2005)

From €360 per day

 12 · Pro

B2 Marine 672 Sundeck (2021)

From €450 per day

 10 · Super owner

Sailboat alpha yacht ketch 14m (1978)

From €450 per day

 5 · Super owner

Sailboat BENETEAU First 47.7 S 15m (2001)

From €400 per day


RIB Valiant 5.20 Mercury 50 cv 50hp (2005)

From €230 per day

 16 · Super owner

RIB Novamarine HD One 5m CARBURANT INCLUS! 60hp (2002)

From €257 per day

 12 · Super owner

Motorboat PACIFIC CRAFT OPEN 670 200hp (2016)

From €280 per day


Jeanneau Prestige 34s (2008)

From €600 per day


RIB CAPELLI Tempest 770 250hp (2011)

From €530 per day

 17 · Pro · Super owner

RIB vaillant vaillant 50hp (2004)

From €230 per day


Rent a boat in Porto-Vecchio

Porto-Vecchio, the third-largest town in Corsica, is a reflection of Corsica. It is the island's leading tourist resort, notably thanks to its proximity to Figari international airport, but also to the exceptional beauty of its sites such as the beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia or its picturesque high town surrounded by fortifications discovering a panoramic view of the gulf of Porto-Vecchio and its salt marshes.

Thanks to the boat rental in Porto-Vecchio, you can head north to Sari-Solenzara, or south, to Figari. On the other side of Corsica, aboard your motorboat, RIB, sailboat or catamaran, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Propriano.

Renting a boat will allow you to discover Porto-Vecchio from another angle. On board motor or semi-rigid boats, you can also enjoy water activities such as scuba diving, water skiing or paddle boarding.

What is the price of a boat rental Porto-Vecchio, Corsica?

Boat hire in Porto-vecchio costs between 120€ and 2500€ per day.

The prices for renting a boat in Porto-Vecchio vary depending on the type of boat, its brand, its date of construction, whether it is a rental with or without a skipper and also, the owner.

On Click&Boat, the different charter offers available in the area are :

  • RIB hire in Porto-Vecchio: costs an average of €300/day, or around €33/person per day
  • Motorboat rental in Porto-Vecchio: 400€/day, or about 57€/person per day
  • Sailboat rental in Porto-Vecchio:count on average 325€/day, or about 65€/person per day
  • Catamaran rental in Porto-Vecchio : 760€/day on average to be divided between a crew of 6 to 10 people on board

Yacht charter in Porto-Vecchio is also available on Click&Boat.

Sailing in Porto-Vecchio 

With a 380-ring marina like Porto-Vecchio's, you'll easily find the boat you want from a wide choice of boats. The city of salt has this characteristic of combining the coastline, the mountains and the plain and thus offers diverse and remarkable landscapes. 

At the bottom of the gulf, the citadel protects the access to a vast plain, itself surmounted by steep mountain massifs. Historically linked, these three territories are each of great visual interest and today provide a major tourist attraction for the commune.

The vast gulf of Porto-Vecchio open between Punta di a Chiappa to the south and Punta San Ciprianu to the north is one of the best anchorages on the east coast of Corsica; an ideal place for a stopover during your boat rental in Porto-Vecchio. 

Porto-Vecchio has 35 kilometres of sandy beaches, all within 10 kilometres of the town. Corsica has also created the most important nature reserve in mainland France, the Bouches de Bonifacio reserve. With a surface area of 80,000 ha. It is completed by the nature reserve of the Isles Cerbicales. Don't wait any longer to discover the most beautiful jewels of Corsica and rent a boat in Porto-Vecchio from a private individual or a professional on Click & Boat.

The options follow one another and the services are seductive, in particular the boat-hire with a skipper in Porto-Vecchio, a town definitely apart.

Is it possible to hire a boat without a boat licence?

If you don't have a boating licence, you can hire boats in Porto-Vecchio with a skipper. Do you have a boating licence but are not yet ready to helm alone?

Opt for boat rentals in Porto-Vecchio with skipper too. You will enjoy your sea trip as much as you do, contemplating the landscapes from the turquoise Corsican waters. On board, the skippers will surely show you places little known to boaters.

Why choose Porto-Vecchio for your sailing?

Providing all the necessary services to prepare for your cruise, the marina of Porto-Vecchio does not lack charm. It is nestled at the end of a bay with high relief. 

Renting a catamaran in Porto-Vecchio is especially interesting for heading south, towards the archipelago of the Lavezzi islands. And if the wind allows, hoist the sails for a cruise to Sardinia, in Italy. The coves are beautiful in the area.  

Beware, however, of the Libeccio, which can make the crossing of the Bonifacio Mouths quite dangerous. If you've sailed in the area before, another sailing programme is to sail up the Corsican coast to the Island of Elba and visit the Italian coastline.

When is the best time to hire a boat in Porto-Vecchio?

In Corsica and particularly in Porto-Vecchio, the summer season runs from May to October. Note that in May, June and September the climate is very favourable and the tourist numbers are lower than in July and August.

Click&Boat Tip : in order to ensure the availability of the boat you wish to rent in Porto-Vecchio, take it in advance either as early as February for a rental in May.

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In Porto-Vecchio, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

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Aug 27, 2019
We started in Bonifacio and it is a magical place. We didn't see much of Porto Vecchio on our way out, but southern Corisca is a beautiful and natural setting. You can't go wrong! The water and landscapes are beautiful, and we felt safe throughout our trip. Definitely recommend it to anyone.
Aug 14, 2017
I recommend to go to Lavezzi islands and La Maddalena for a swim at one of the amazing beaches and afterwards visit Bonifacio from the coast side and also the marina. The bay of Santa Manza is easy to get to and start the journey from. From there it just takes 45 minutes to the islands
Maria Teresa
Feb 1, 2017
Portovecchio, Bonifiacio, Plage de Rondinara (Corse) and Cannigione (Sardinia) were our favorites!
Jul 17, 2017
We visited Bonifacio and the islands around.