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Rent a boat in Sweden!

With a coastline of 2400 km stretching from Strömstad in the west to Haparanda in the north, Sweden undoubtedly has a lot of places to go by boat! The country is bordered by the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas in the west and the Baltic Sea in the east.

If you're reading this text, you probably already have a fair idea of what Sweden has to offer when it comes to coastal destinations, but hopefully we can give you some new tips!

First and foremost we have the outstanding West Coast (also called the best coast by many, but everyone has their personal opinion on that matter). Cruise between the islands in the archipelago outside Gothenburg and experience the genuine island life with wooden cottages and cliffs. Classic destinations like Styrsö, Brännö and Köpstadsö are just a (long) stone's throw from Gothenburg's marinas.

And then there's the pearl of the west coast; the Bohuslän archipelago, a safe sailing distance away a little further north. With its salty baths, beautiful granite cliffs and many hours of sunshine, the Bohusk Coast is a destination that is hard to beat.

Even the Stockholm archipelago has a lot to offer with more than 30,000 islands and islets. With its large number of islands, the archipelago has something for everyone. You can find everything from lively bars and restaurants to peaceful natural islands.

So check out here what boats we have available in the metropolitan areas:

Where can you sail in Sweden?

The East Coast

As I said, the east coast has a lot of variety, ranging from lush inner archipelago to barren outer archipelago. Such a varied nature makes the east coast and the Stockholm archipelago a natural mecca with a great diversity of species.


Fjäderholmarna is the perfect destination for a day trip or when you don't have much time as it's only a 20-30 minute boat ride from Stockholm's harbours. However, it's far enough away from Stockholm to get away from the city noise and enjoy the sun and swimming on the cliffs.

You should also not forget to t visit Fjäderholmarnas krog which in 2018 was named one of Sweden's best summer restaurants by White Guide.



Little further out in the archipelago, but still within easy sailing distance, lies the island of Grinda. The whole island is a nature reserve and there are many cosy beaches on the island where you can swim, sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful archipelago scenery.

The island is also perfect for hiking and one of the best trails is the Grinda Trail! In addition to nature, the island also offers a shop, kiosk, inn and farm shop.


Style Sandhamn is always a safe bet! The island's location just inside the sea makes sailors and boaters flock here from Stockholm's ports. The island is a paradise if you want to enjoy a genuine archipelago community with rugged cliffs and beautiful beaches.

The harbour is buzzing with life and there are plenty of taverns, restaurants and shops. But if you leave the harbour area, you'll soon find peaceful walks along white beaches and pine forests.

West coast

West Coast, Best Coast, Front page of Sweden.... A dear child has many names. It's not without reason that the West Coast is the Swedes' favourite holiday destination.

With its stunning scenery, salty sea baths, sun-drenched cliffs and fresh seafood, the West Coast is hard to beat. The West Coast also has a wide range of activities and attractions to offer: go fishing, go on a seal safari or visit a lovely spa, the choice is yours.


Strax north of Gothenburg you'll find the sailing town of Marstrand. With Sweden's largest guest harbour and the GKSS Match Cup Sweden, Marstrand is definitely considered the sailing mecca of Sweden.

Beyond that, Marstrand also offers a historic yet vibrant setting where you can stroll through small alleys and visit the spectacular fortress. In addition, Marstrand has stunning scenery and there are hiking trails where you can walk with a great view of the Western Sea.


Smögen is undoubtedly the most famous tourist destination on the Bohusk Coast! It is a genuine archipelago community where the atmosphere and unique buildings are well preserved. If you want to taste the seafood of the west coast, Smögen is also an ideal destination for that, as the country's second largest fish auction is located there!

This is where the fishing boats land their catch, which you can then pick up in the fish shops around the corner. For shopping, Smögenbryggan is also ideal as it's teeming with cafés and shops!

The Western Islands

The Western Isles is a destination for true nature lovers. Here you can moor in one of the peaceful bays to enjoy an evening swim and watch the sun set on the horizon. The nature and wildlife on and around the island is also fantastic and if you're lucky you might spot porpoises and seals.

For the more comfortable sailor there is also a guest harbour to moor in with associated facilities and if you are looking for something good to drink and eat the terrace of the Väderöarnas inn is recommended.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Sweden?

How much it costs to rent a boat in Sweden depends entirely on the type of boat you want, the condition of the boat and the size of the boat. But generally speaking, you can expect to pay from 300€ per day and upwards for a sailing boat.

For a slightly larger motorboat that you can sleep in, prices usually start from 400€ per day and go up.

What type of boat should I hire 

When you set off to sail between the cosy coastal communities of Sweden, it's a good idea to choose the right type of boat for your personal preferences:

If you want an authentic sailing experience and see the journey itself as the most important part of the experience, we advise you to rent a sailboat. This will give you the opportunity to cruise between the islands and hoist the sails yourself for an authentic experience. Or why not soak up the sun on the foredeck and take a dip!

Traveling on a stricter schedule but still want to hit as many destinations as possible? Then renting a motorboat or a ribbed boat is optimal! With a motorboat or rowboat you can cover long distances quickly and therefore reach many destinations in a short time!

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