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Renting a boat in Turkey

Enjoy your boat rental with or without a skipper during your trip to Turkey, whether on a sailboat, a motorboat, a yacht or another type of boat rental. Create the best memories of your holiday, both on land and on water. This beautiful country is located between Asia and Europe, with Ankara as its capital, and has around a dozen borders, including the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and, of course, the Mediterranean Sea.

To hire a boat in Turkey and cruise along the Turkish coast, autumn or spring are ideal to avoid the crowds of tourists. During your visit to Turkey, you will surely visit many cities full of charm and various special places. And definitely do not miss Ankara, a modern city full of activities.

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How much does it cost to charter a boat in Turkey?

Prices of a sailboat in Turkey:

One day: renting a sailboat in Turkey will cost between approximately €70 and €1800.

A week: if you charter a sailboat in Turkey for a week, expect to pay between €490 and €12,600. There are some luxury yachts that cost even more!

Prices of a catamaran in Turkey:

One day: a day on a catamaran in Turkey costs between €354 and €3,143.

One week: rent a catamaran for a week for between €2,200 and €29,300

Enjoy moments of pure nature and culture

You can also visit Mardin, famous for its beautiful sandstone buildings that flow like a waterfall along the hillside, or Antalya, where many tourists go every year to enjoy the beautiful scenery: the Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by a beautiful mountain range here. Marmaris, Antalya, Bodrum, Ephesus, Cappadocia and especially Istanbul, which was the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, all deserve a visit.

Wander around Turkey's many bazaars and markets: be sure to try the local specialities with the wonderful flavours and spices, or even the famous alcoholic drink, raki. Apple tea is also particularly well-known and popular. For pure relaxation, how about a few moments in the sauna or a good massage. Also visit the Pamukkale nature reserve with its famous hot springs, or not far from Antalya, the beautiful waterfalls of Düden. Discover also the many relics, antiquities and archaeological sites or relax on the many, long and wide beaches during your boat trip in Turkey.

Turkey offers many different activities for all ages. Rafting in the Koprulu Gorge, which is near Antalya or in Artvin, or just a walk along the mountains in the Saklikent Gorge. Go sailing or windsurfing in Alcati, a true water sports paradise. You can also hire a sailboat, speedboat, catamaran, semi-rigid or jet ski to practice wakeboarding and water skiing.

During your boat rental in Turkey, you can take a tour of the most famous Turkish islands in the Sea of Marmara:


It is the largest of the so-called Prince's Islands, which lie directly opposite Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara. The nine small islands are very close to each other and are ideal for a day trip from Istanbul. All the more reason to hire a boat in Turkey and explore the area. Büyükada island is surrounded by sandy beaches, which invite you for a picnic in the sea. The Greek Orthodox monastery at the tip of the island is particularly worth seeing. In the harbour there are many restaurants with local culinary specialities and the nature in the south of the island offers many possibilities for hiking or cycling. Numerous barbecue areas invite you to spend a pleasant evening on the island.

Marmara Adasi (Marmara Island)

The island owes its name to the presence of an almost white marble interspersed with small grey bands. It was used, among other things, for the construction of the Hagia (Saint) Sophia. There are many quarries all over the island, which testify for their passion for this beautiful stone. The small fishing village of Gündogdu is known for its fabulous sandy beaches and beautiful bays. Tourists in search of peace and relaxation are sure to find secluded coves in which to enjoy the day. No matter which boat you rent in Turkey, sail around the island and choose the bay of your dreams!


The clear turquoise waters around this dream island attract many tourists every year. The infrastructure of the island itself is not very good. There you profit, however, from the luxury of having your own boat! The island has a lot to offer in terms of history, cuisine and beauty. The beautiful beaches invite you to scuba dive or snorkel and swim. If you don't want to try water sports, you can always relax on the beach and watch the surfers. For a stroll on land: in the centre there are shops, supermarkets, pharmacies and ATMs. In the evening, the small village of Kaleköy Rakı invites you to a picturesque restaurant.


This island is also located in the Aegean Sea, right at the entrance of the Dardanelles Channel. Here you will also find beautiful bays with crystal clear waters and with a fine pebble beach or a beautiful sandy beach in the west, which makes the island a popular seaside resort also for families with children. The island is one of the most important wine areas in Turkey. Especially well-known is the annual wine festival, where many famous musicians perform. For a beautiful view, you can climb the Göztepe hill and enjoy a panoramic view of the island.

If you are planning now to rent a boat in Turkey, take a look at Click&Boat's website and choose among the best offers. The Click&Boat team will be happy to help you with all your questions about renting a boat in Turkey and to provide you with the most special holiday of your life!

When is the best time to visit Turkey?

The best time for your boat rental in Turkey is definitely between the months of May and October. During this time, the temperature is warm, reaching an average temperature of 32°C in August. Additionally, during this time there is very little rainfall, with an average of only 1mm of precipitation in July and August. The water temperature ranges between 23-30°C during these months. Turkey has a steppe climate.

However, if you are looking to avoid large crowds and school holidays, we would especially recommend renting a boat in Turkey in May or from September to October. During these months, the weather is still warm, and so you will be able to able to enjoy the weather on your yacht charter in Turkey, whilst also experiencing the most peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.  

What are the best prices for Boat rentals in Turkey?

The average prices for Boat rentals in Turkey is €2,289.00 per day. However, you can find Boat for better prices in the area starting from €500.00 per day.
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