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Boat Rental Sunseeker

Sunseeker: An icon of luxury

Born in 1969 in Poole under the original name Poole Powerboats and managed by Robert Braithwaite, this iconic brand has quickly established itself in the industry. With sleek designs and exclusive comfort, Sunseeker has won over customers around the world.

It is not for nothing that several Sunseeker models have been featured in various James Bond movies. Enjoy a holiday filled with luxury, speed, and comfort with a Sunseeker luxury yacht!

Our Sunseeker boats

Boat Sunseeker 45 Apache

Sunseeker 45 Apache

Boat Sunseeker 64 Manhattan

Sunseeker 64 Manhattan

Boat Sunseeker 53 Portofino

Sunseeker 53 Portofino

Boat Sunseeker 54 Predator

Sunseeker 54 Predator

Boat Sunseeker 38 Martinique

Sunseeker 38 Martinique

Boat Sunseeker 42 Mustique

Sunseeker 42 Mustique

Boat Sunseeker 29 Mohawk

Sunseeker 29 Mohawk

Boat Sunseeker 35 Portofino

Sunseeker 35 Portofino

Boat Sunseeker 52 Predator

Sunseeker 52 Predator

Boat Sunseeker 27 Hawk

Sunseeker 27 Hawk

Boat Sunseeker 52 Camargue

Sunseeker 52 Camargue

Boat Sunseeker 46 Camargue

Sunseeker 46 Camargue

Boat Sunseeker 36 San Remo

Sunseeker 36 San Remo

Boat Sunseeker 34 Superhawk

Sunseeker 34 Superhawk

Boat Sunseeker 61 Predator

Sunseeker 61 Predator

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All Sunseeker models have one thing in common, they are luxurious and they are elegant. From smaller, very fast models of 37 feet to imposing luxury yachts of up to 161 feet, Sunseeker has it all. Sunseeker yachts are not a status symbol, they represent independence and the precious opportunity to discover the world from a different perspective.

Each Sunseeker yacht, built in Poole, England, is a product of master craftsmanship and highly skilled design. From the very beginning, Sunseeker has revolutionised the luxury yacht building industry year after year with elegance and passion. The essence of the brand is excellence and this is what you will find on every Sunseeker model at Click&Boat.

For multi-day luxury cruises at sea, the Sunseeker Predator or Manhattan models are ideal. Spacious sun decks paired with comfortable cabins invite you to relax. For shorter holidays and day trips the Hawk models are perfect. The Hawk models are renowned for their speed and are the ideal choice if you want to feel the wind in your hair and the water in your face.

Charter the perfect Sunseeker model and discover your dream destination. Take the helm yourself or book an experienced skipper to help you. For total comfort, you can book a crew to ensure you have a 100% relaxed holiday on your dream boat. Discover our Sunseeker models now and find the perfect yacht charter for your ideal holiday at sea.

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