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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact a yacht owner?
Are you interested in an owner's boat and would you like to receive more information on their listing? Click & Boat provides its...
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How can I pay for a booking?
To make a booking on Click&Boat and make a payment, you have 2 options: - you can discuss with the owner via Click&Boat's...
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How does security deposit work?
On each listing, the owner indicated a security deposit to be withheld in case of damage. In case of a rental from a private owner,...
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Am I insured during a charter?
Boat owners undertake to rent out only boats that are insured, within the context of their Rental or Co-Sailing activities.  To...
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How does the Click & Boat service fee work?
Click & Boat's service fee for each rental is a percentage of the price displayed on the website. This percentage depends on...
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What are the cancellation policies?
Cancellation fees displayed on Click&Boat depend on the reason for cancellation and the cancellation conditions, as defined by...
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Frequently Asked Questions

The charter is over and I received no payment yet. What happened?
Payment for a rental on Click & Boat is made by bank transfer on the first day of the rental, and the same day for a half-day...
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How can I modify a booking?
To request a change for your booking, go to Click&Boat's instant messenger or your booking details page. This feature is not available...
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How can I confirm my email address or phone number? I did not receive the confirmation email or a text message.
To verify the email address you have used to open a Click & Boat account, click on the link in the 'email you received when you...
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How can I activate or deactivate the text message notifications?
You can always activate or deactivate the "SMS notification" feature from your Click & Boat profile. To do this, log in your...
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When will Click & Boat pay me?
Click & Boat pays its owners by bank transfer on the first day of the rental, and on the same day when it's a half-day or one-day...
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Can I cancel a charter?
After confirming a booking on the platform, you are obliged to honour it. You can only cancel a booking in case of force majeure: -...
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