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Descripción de la neumática de Damijan

Manta 700 seems spacious at first sight. Along the length of 7 m it has large lying surfaces on the bow and stern. Under the soft lying pillows, made from special foam and quality sky leather, there are storage chambers. In the middle there is an isolated space to store cool drinks. There is a chamber for the anchor with a chain at the front. At the back there is a large stern platform, where pull-out telescopic stairs are hidden. By holding on to the handle, one can easily climb out of water. On the stern platform there is a drawer, which serves as an area where one puts wet things, such as fins, masks, etc. Naturally, the shower is there too. Sailing with this rubber boat is very pleasant, as it can face bad weather conditions with ease. Due to an inside engine, it is nicely manageable and all manoeuvres are precise, which makes parking easier. It can take you on a longer cruise among the islands or you can anchor in one of the numerous bays with sandy beaches and relax under an open tarpaulin with a cold drink in your hand. It is suitable for sports activities as well. Specifications: Length : 6,95 m Width : 2,66 m No. of chambers : 6 Max persons : 10 Awning : Yes Shower : 77 L Fuel : 190 L

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  • Neumática  Manta 700 en alquiler
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  • Modelo: 700
  • Fabricante: MANTA
  • Eslora: 6.95m
  • Manga: 2.66m
  • Calado: 0.5m
  • Año: 2015
  • Potencia: 220CV
  • Capacidad a bordo: autorizada: 10
  • Capacidad a bordo: recomendada: 10
  • Condiciones de cancelación: Estricta*
  • Fianza: 500€
  • Horario de recogida/entrega: 09h30 / 18h00

Características de la neumática

    Equipamiento exterior
  • Toldilla
  • Escalera de baño
  • Mesa
  • Solárium en proa
  • Solárium en popa
  • Ducha exterior
    Equipamiento de navegación
  • Molinete eléctrico
  • GPS
  • Sonda
  • VHF
    Sobre el agua / bajo el agua
  • Aletas, gafas y tubos
  • Material de pesca
  • Material de buceo con botella
  • Esquí acuático y accesorios provistos
  • Esquí acuático sobre tabla y accesorios provistos
  • Colchón de tracción y accesorios provistos
    Equipamiento de cocina
  • Toma de corriente de 220 V
    Equipamiento digital
  • Puerto USB

Ubicación neumática : Hvar

Notas generales

  • Conformidad del barco
  • Comodidad a bordo
  • Nivel de mantenimiento
  • Acogida y comunicación
  • Limpieza
  • Relación calidad-precio

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