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Descripción de la neumática de SERGIO

For weekends in July and during the month of August, it is with pleasure that I would accommodate in addition to my usual crew (wife and two daughters), families (English speaking) composed of a maximum of five people at the cost of 150 euros per person/per day. Galley (food and drinks) will be included (we can also cater to special culinary requests (i.g. gluten-free, etc)). Gasoline and the use of stand up paddle and watercraft are also included. The typical day trip will include visits to the archipelago's world famous nearby islands, Mortorio Soffi Camere, or the Islands farther (weather permitting): Budella, Caprera, Tavolara etc. Your special requests will also be considered. The ZAR 97 is a boat that satisfies fans of the “ZARISTI” and RIB for its reliability in speed (50 knots with two engines to 300hp), but with special care and thought for those who want to miss one yacht. Aft double row of seats allows ten people sitting opposite route, or to obtain a second sun, in addition to the bow, which is a true lounge chairs for comfort and size, all with free entrance and hallway always walk-around, other new details are integrated into the walkway bridge and the steel roll-bar with the awning that can be extended to the fore or aft. For the interior, great brightness is obtained from the window above the dinette table, and large spaces: four beds, two in the bow to stern over the double bed (2m x2) with availability of cabs standing, as well as the bathroom, in a separate room with toilet, shower and sink.

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  • Neumática  Formenti Sky Deck 97
    Formenti Sky Deck 97 en Porto Rotondo en alquiler
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  • Modelo: Sky Deck 97
  • Fabricante: FORMENTI
  • Eslora: 9.7m
  • Manga: 9.7m
  • Calado: 1m
  • Año: 2013
  • Potencia: 500CV
  • Capacidad a bordo: autorizada: 16
  • Capacidad a bordo: recomendada: 10
  • Condiciones de cancelación: Moderada
  • Fianza: 1500€
  • Horario de recogida/entrega: 09h30 / 18h00

Características de la neumática

    Equipamiento exterior
  • Toldilla
  • Escalera de baño
  • Mesa
  • Solárium en proa
  • Solárium en popa
  • Ducha exterior
    Equipamiento de navegación
  • Molinete eléctrico
  • GPS
  • Sonda
  • VHF
    Sobre el agua / bajo el agua
  • Aletas, gafas y tubos
  • Material de pesca
  • Material de buceo con botella
  • Esquí acuático y accesorios provistos
  • Esquí acuático sobre tabla y accesorios provistos
  • Colchón de tracción y accesorios provistos
    Equipamiento de cocina
  • Toma de corriente de 220 V
    Equipamiento digital
  • Puerto USB

Ubicación neumática : Porto Rotondo

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