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Descripción de la lancha de Frank

Smeraldo 45’ - the new gozzo in old-fashioned style The new Smeraldo 45’ is the result of Apreamare cooperation with the Spadolini office of Architect Tommaso Spadolini for its interior and outside design and with the Marine Design and Service of Umberto Tagliavini for ts hull lines and engine room. The concept of this new model was inspired by the typical design of the 1950s with an old-fashioned bow and with more stretched and less rounded deckhouse lines. Within this new modification of course there are revisited details, such as the line of the mahogany sheathing on the broadside, which is lower than in the previous models. The leitmotif of the design certainly is the privilege of comfortable spaces and the habitability of the boat both outside and inside. From the outside one has the feeling of being able to live on the boat in full harmony with one’s own guests, thanks to the several sofas and sundecks, and to the cockpit partially shaded by the roof and by a partially removable curtain. The design of the interiors shows the same attention again, paid also to the ergonomics of spaces aiming at the pursuit of the wellbeing of those living on the boat. The ship-owner’s cabin placed in the bow, for the first time in the history of the gozzo has a bed at standard height, while the guest cabin has two beds. The boiseries in polished mahogany take up the classical line of the Apreamare gozzi, which is made more precious by leather details in the doors and in the walls. Bathrooms meet the requirements of maximum comfort. Showers are separated, walls are decorated with mosaics and washbasins have marble tops. Abaft from the galley there is a further room which the ship-owner, according to his own needs, may use as a crew cabin, as a guest cabin or a storage area for washing machine or extra fridge. Smeraldo 45’ is equipped with two Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines, and reaches the maximum speed of 32 knots around and the cruising speed of about 26 knots.

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  • Lancha Apreamare Smeraldo 45 en alquiler
    Lancha Apreamare Smeraldo 45
    Apreamare Smeraldo 45 en Saint-Tropez en alquiler
    Apreamare Smeraldo 45 en Saint-Tropez
    Alquiler lancha en Saint-Tropez
    Alquiler Lancha Apreamare Smeraldo 45 Saint-Tropez
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  • Modelo: Smeraldo 45
  • Fabricante: Apreamare
  • Manga: 4.46m
  • Calado: 1.4m
  • Año: 2012
  • Potencia: 750CV
  • Capacidad a bordo: autorizada: 12
  • Capacidad a bordo: recomendada: 10
  • Número de cabinas: 3
  • Número de colchones: 5
  • Condiciones de cancelación: Estricta
  • Fianza: 1500€
  • Horario de recogida/entrega: 10h00 / 19h00

Características de la lancha

    Equipamiento exterior
  • Toldilla
  • Escalera de baño
  • Mesa
  • Solárium en proa
  • Solárium en popa
  • Ducha exterior
  • Agua fría
  • Agua caliente
  • Aseo
  • Inodoro
    Equipamiento de navegación
  • Anexo
  • Motor de anexo
  • Propulsor de proa
  • Molinete eléctrico
  • GPS
  • Sonda
  • VHF
  • Piloto automático
    Sobre el agua / bajo el agua
  • Aletas, gafas y tubos
  • Material de pesca
  • Material de buceo con botella
  • Esquí acuático y accesorios provistos
  • Esquí acuático sobre tabla y accesorios provistos
  • Colchón de tracción y accesorios provistos
    Equipamiento de cocina
  • Toma de corriente de 220 V
  • Horno/cocina
  • Frigorífico
  • Congelador
  • Fregadero
  • Mesa
    Equipamiento digital
  • Televisión
  • Puerto USB

Ubicación lancha: Saint-Tropez

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