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Motor yacht DM 87 (2005)

From £4,777 per day


Motor yacht Intermarine 76 Full (2006)

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Gulet Gulet 50 15.24m (2000)

From £483 per day


Discover the coast of Costa Verde in your Escuna g (2005)

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Sailboat Delta 41 12.65m (2014)

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Motor yacht Fast Senna 48 (2001)

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Rent this 68pes boat without a license and get the (1995)

From £1,397 per day


Motor yacht Azimut 680 (2005)

From £3,805 per day


Catamaran Kurt Hughes 47 14.33m (1999)

From £891 per day


Motorboat Real 45 Top Class (2012)

From £1,424 per day


Praia 47 (2013)

From £821 per day

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Angra dos Reis, the paradise of peace and tranquillity

Famous for being one of the most charming places in Brazil and located only about 160km from Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis can be a great alternative for your next holidays. This Brazilian paradise is a combination of islands and tranquility, hidden beaches, Atlantic Forest, and lots of magic! And to make this trip even more special, nothing like renting a boat to know all the corners of Angra!

The city of Angra dos Reis contains no less than 365 islands to be discovered. The Island of Gipóia, very close to the centre of the city, shelters the famous Praia do Dentista. Moor your boat, motorboat or yacht on the edge of the beach and enjoy the fresh seafood snacks offered by local restaurants.

Go a bit further with your boat, yacht or catamaran and venture into the famous Ilha Grande: the largest and most famous of Angra dos Reis. Take your motorboat to the port of Abraão and discover a picturesque and welcoming village, the starting point for your sailing around the island, during which you will discover paradisiacal beaches, lagoons with a diverse maritime life and cold water waterfalls surrounded by the Atlantic Forest.

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What to see and do on a boat tour in Angra

The surreal landscapes created by a unique natural environment will be what you find with your boat rental in Angra dos Reis! Formed by 365 islands (one for each day of the year!), Angra will be the perfect destination to enjoy original and completely unique holidays. If you like beach, water and adventures, a boat ride in this Brazilian bay formed by a great combination of paradisiacal beaches and green mountains is a great option to venture into the unknown!

What are the absolutely unmissable places to rent a boat in Angra?

Ilha Grande, the most famous island of Angra, is one of the most important and known tourist places in Rio de Janeiro. Its 22 beaches are only accessible by the small trails that the island keeps, or by sailing in a boat. Don't miss the opportunity to take a dip in as many as you can!

Another place you can't miss? Lopes Mendes Beach, which is one of the most popular in Angra dos Reis and one of the most beautiful in the country, followed by the wonderful Caxadaço Beach, more hidden than the others, or the beautiful Pouso Beach or the Adventurer Beach. Hire a motorboat and take a tour of the paradisiacal beaches of Angra!

On the other hand, Cataguases Island is one of those unforgettable places. Its crystal clear waters and exotic beaches have been the stage of many movies and TV series.

But if you are looking for a place to practice adventure sports, such as climbing or canoeing,... Itanhangá Island is definitely your destination.

Those seeking peace, tranquility and seclusion will love Praia dos Dois Rios or Praia dos Meros, with its calm and crystal clear waters, perfect for a swim, sunbathing and relaxing!

For snorkeling or diving, in the Botinas Islands you can enjoy crystal clear waters with up to 10 meters of visibility! Rent a motorboat or a semirigid with your own diving equipment and have fun without stress!

An environment formed by crystal clear waters and white sand beaches opens its doors for you to know all its corners. The best way to travel from island to island? By boat! The immense variety of landscapes of this place will make you not spend a second without wanting to know more, regardless of your interest being for a sunny day, the practice of water sports, the exploration of natural beauty and unique marine life, Click&Boat offers boats and equipment for tours of all kinds!

What types of boats can I rent in Angra?

At Click&Boat we offer all kinds of boats that your holiday can ask for!   Do you want speed and practicality for a faster tour? Practice water sports like wakeboarding, water-skiing, diving and much more? Rent a motorboat or a semi-rigid! 

Want to sail in total freedom and authenticity? A sailboat is for you!

Want to sail longer with all the comfort of home and space for friends and family? Order a catamaran!

Do you want to sail with luxury, onboard service and everything you're entitled to? Take a yacht!

How to rent a boat in Angra with Click&Boat?

Ready to travel from island to island through the paradise of Angra dos Reis? Do not waste your time and check our fleet. Renting a boat at Click&Boat is accessible and easy, but above all safe.

To refine your search and find the perfect boat for your holidays, all you have to do is set the departure and arrival dates, indicate the need for a captain on board and use the additional filters to define the type of boat, budget, number of cabins, dimensions... and much more!

In a few seconds, you will only see ads that match your needs: select the boat you like best and send a request to the owner. To contact him directly, Click&Boat offers you a free online messaging platform, through which you can better define every rental detail.

Considering the amount of islands, beaches and places to know, we suggest you to rent a motorboat in Angra, so that you can access all the corners you wish in your tour, without any difficulty!

Need more information? Consult the "Help" page of the platform and find the answers to any questions, or contact our customer service directly.

What is the price of a boat rental in Angra dos Reis?

Are you on a limited budget? Call your friends to share the boat tour! A boat for 6 people in Angra costs from £400 only £70 per person!

At Click&Boat we put at your disposal a huge variety of boats, in terms of size, type, capacity of people, and yes, price!

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