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Boat Hire in Chalkidiki with Click&Boat

The Chalkidiki peninsula is undoubtedly the greatest jewel of all Greek seaside. The golden beaches of Greece, the fragrant gardens, the cozy bays with magnificent views and the crystal clear waters. So if you're tired of museum tours and mass sightseeing, a boat hire in Chalkidiki is just what you need to really relax both mind and body. Enjoy a refreshing drink during a walk along the coast of the peninsula, dock your boat not far from one of the beautiful beaches marked with a blue flag... In general, renting a boat is one of the must-do experiences when visiting Greece.

But even if you don't have a license to sail a boat or a yacht, that's not a problem! The Click&Boat platform is at your disposal, and offers numerous boat charters with experienced skippers on board, who will take care of all your sailing needs. With Click&Boat, in Chalkidiki you can hire:

  • Motor yachts
  • Sailing yachts
  • Catamarans
  • Motorboats
  • Sailboats

Both from private owners and professionals (rental companies).

And when you choose to hire a boat, you can also practice water sports, such as:

  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Wakeboarding
  • or simply enjoy a refreshing swim or day sailing.

How much does it cost to hire a boat in Chalkidiki?

When it comes to boat rentals, many people are under the impression that hiring a boat is an expensive and complicated process. But with Click&Boat, it is always possible to find the perfect boat for your travel needs and within your budget.

Generally, the cost of a catamaran, yacht or motorboat in Chalkidiki depends on the type of boat, the itinerary, the length of your rental and whether or not you need to have a captain on board.

  • If you are interested in hiring a motorboat in Chalkidiki for the day, expect the cost to be about £50/day. 
  • Chartering a sailboat in Chalkidiki costs as little as £160/day.
  • The cost of a catamaran charter is around £270/day.

Chalkidiki is a perfect combination of golden sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and mountains

This region is a large peninsula that attracts many travelers throughout the year, particularly for the beauty of its trident-shaped surface that extends into the Aegean Sea. Many myths have come from this area. Soak in the atmosphere of these myths and legends as you sail along the coast of Chalkidiki.

Hire a boat from one of the peninsula's tips: Kassandra, Sithonia or Athos. The first end of the peninsula, Kassandra, is closest to Thessaloniki and borders the Gulf of Toroneos and the Gulf of Therme. Kassandra is a peninsula that prides itself on its luxurious and therefore crowded beaches, and its bustling nightlife. So if you want to have a secluded rest on comfortable but not crowded beaches under the shade of pine trees, Sithonia is a better choice. The second branch of Chalkidiki is famous for its lush nature, its olive groves and hills covered with beautiful coniferous forests. It is much more peaceful than Kassandra. The third jewel of Chalkidiki is Mount Athos, a more than amazing place for being the only monastic republic in the world; even if you are not a fan, as a tourist there is always something to see there.

Holidays on the beach in Chalkidiki

Are you looking for a vacation with blue lagoons, lonely beaches and warm sandy bays without having to travel across the Atlantic? Chalkidiki is waiting for you! You will have a great time at the beaches, most of which are Blue Flag certified.

 In addition, you can hire a boat on the Greek peninsula of Chalkidiki and enjoy the view of the peninsula's coastline from the sea! And then anchor in the blue lagoons and coves and enjoy the view from the luxurious beaches. Summer temperatures generally reach 30°C and water temperatures average between 22 and 27°C, which is great for swimming and diving at will. And it is with this in mind that Click&Boat shares with you a selection of the best beaches in Chalkidiki.


This is an absolutely stunning beach, with white sand and crystal clear sea water. It is located at the foot of the hill, shaded by dense coniferous vegetation. Of course, at the height of the heat, the smell of pine and heated resin permeates the beach. There are also many restaurants and cafes that will delight visitors with local cuisine, drinks and a stunning view of the blue sea.


The name of this beach translates as cool spring. This resoundingly named beach is relatively uninhabited and the sea water is as clean as a spring. However, unlike the real spring, the water temperature averages 25 degrees and you can enjoy a swim in the warm sea.

Loutra Agia Paraskevi

Two kilometers from the village of Agios Paraskevi you will find a quiet and secluded beach with white sand, clear sea and small traditional Greek taverns. In addition, here you can take a dip in the hot springs of Loutra, very famous in the myths and legends of ancient Greece.

Mola Kaliva

A luxurious beach shaded by a pine forest on the Kassandra coast is like an oasis among the crowded and busy beaches of the peninsula. So if you are tired of the hustle and bustle, or if you are looking for a quiet but picturesque beach to dock your boat and take a dip, then make a stop at Mola Kaliva Beach!

Getting to know Greece from Chalkidiki

It is clear that Chalkidiki is sure to please beach lovers! After enjoying a boat cruise along the coast of the peninsula you can dock to explore the coastal region on foot, and take a true journey into the world of Ancient Greece by exploring the legacy of this glorious era. You can visit the main attractions of the peninsula that attract hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world, or you can tour the small towns and villages where you will also immerse yourself in the legacy of Ancient Greece, as well as cozy cafes and restaurants. Grab a cold drink or eat an authentic moussaka, and enjoy the view over the city.

What to see in Chalkidiki?

  • Nea Potidea - you can stroll through the ruins of an old castle, an old church and enjoy the unique atmosphere and scenery.
  • Nea Fokea - a small but beautiful village with a stunning cove and views of Byzantine towers. We recommend this visit.
  • Meteora - a legendary monastery village built on the cliffs. The view is truly breathtaking!
  • Toroni - when you reach the shores of Sithonia don't forget to visit the ancient city of Toroni. There you can find several acropolises, an old port that takes us back to ancient times, as well as the ancient church of St. Athanasius.
  • Nikiti - if you are interested in a more modern Greece then Nikiti is for you! There you can find beautiful examples of 19th century Greek architecture and enjoy the view of the picturesque red roofs of the houses in Nikiti harbor.
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27 juil. 2021
daily cruise: Nikiti port (departure) - spathies beach- kalogria beach - Kelifos (turtle island) -return Nikiti port.
11 juil. 2021
Taking a boat from Porto Carras and enjoying a day cruising around is the best way to have a full experience in Chalkidiki.
10 sept. 2019
For nature lovers this is for sure the ideal place to visit. The sea is truly unbelievable. Another bay, another colour! Snorkeling, supping, canoeing, windsurfing, surfing, swimming are some of the activities you can enjoy in this beautiful area. Recommended for family groups, friend groups and for couples. Have fun!
1 sept. 2019
Sometimes underrated, but full of beautiful areas. We alos went to Skiathos and Skopelos, but other than nightlife, which is better in Skiathos, Chalkidiki is just as good as Sporades.