Hire a boat in Bodø with or without a licence

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Rental type
With or without a skipper
0 - £1,050+
0 - 60+ m
0 - 400+ hp
2003 - 2024
400 Max Km
3 boats available

Bavaria ac 40 (2001)

With or without a skipper

From £465 per day

Sailboat CNB 76 23.3m (1992)

With a skipper

From £2,258 per day

Gulet Chantier Keraudren Ketch, classé Monument Historique 20m (1948)

With a skipper

From £3,161 per day

Organize your private yacht charter in Bodø with Click&Boat and enjoy unforgettable moments. Hoist the sails and discover the surroundings aboard the yacht of your dreams, enjoy the water sports, sunbathe, visit the monuments... The choice is yours! Choose among all the yachts to hire.

Prices of a Boat charters in Bodø

Boat prices depend on different factors, such as boat length and capacity. Regarding a Boat rentals in Bodø: - Minimum price: from £311.00 per day - Maximum price: from £2,550.00 perday
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