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Are you thinking about planning a sailing trip in Miami? Cruise in a catamaran or sailboat and enjoy the best beaches, islands and sandbars Florida has to offer. Book with a captain and crew and watch your worries float away with new experiences.

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Cruise on a sailboat in Miami

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Beneteau 40 (2004)


From $1,323 per day

Beneteau Oceanis 40CC (2000)


From $1,145 per day

Beneteau 48 (2014)


From $944 per day

BENETEAU 461 - Coconut Grove (2000)


From $699 per day

Sailboat Sea Ray 54 17m (2000)

North Bay Village

From $3,384 per day

Sailboat Galeon 50 16m (2017)


From $3,525 per day

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Cruise on a catamaran in Miami

Sail through Miami's coast on a catamaran

43' Custom Party Cat! (2003)


From $2,069 per day

Catamaran Catana 582 available for charter in Sag Harbor, NY! (2015)


From $2,167 per day

Catamaran Custom 47 14.33m (2014)


From $1,909 per day

Power Catamaran Mariah - 49 people! (2015)


From $3,745 per day

Catamaran Power Catamaran 62 19m (2007)

Miami Beach

From $3,760 per day

Catamaran Power Catamaran 62 19m (2007)

Miami Beach

From $4,041 per day

Power Catamaran 42-People (2011)

Miami Beach

From $3,745 per day

Catamaran 44 (2017)

Miami Beach

From $2,758 per day

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Sailing tips for your vacation

Best time to sail

Miami is a great place to set sail all time of year! Located in the sunshine state, you can always sail here. A great time to sail can be from March to May when the weather is still great but there are less people visiting. The temperature in Miami ranges from lows of 66°F to highs of 90°F, the perfect temperature for a sailing trip in Miami!

Places to visit

A cruise on a sailboat or catamaran makes adventuring around Florida's coast easy! Head to places like Key Biscayne, Fisher Island, Star Island and more. Or head a little further and sail towards the Bahamas! There is plenty to do depending on what you like to do! Make the experience completely yours.

Everything you need to know your sailing trip in Miami

Miami: fun under the sun for families, kids, and friends

You may know Miami as a playground for those seeking sunny days and wild nights, however, there is much more to the city! The sparkling beaches, sandbars and islands nearby make this a great boating location for your group. Whether you are planning to visit the best beaches to meet locals and dance with DJs or you want to find the best beaches for your kids to play in, this destination is full of possibilities for everyone.

Miami is one of Florida’s top tourist destinations with most people coming here for its beaches. Miami’s charm is one of a kind, added with the soft sand beaches and translucent water, it makes for a perfect sailing experience. Whether you enjoy people-watching, windsurfing, or relaxing on a secluded beach, there is something for everyone.

Sailing trips in Miami with a captain and crew

A sailing trip in Miami is best done with a captain and crew. At Click&Boat we recommend booking your cruise with a captain and crew so you can focus on experiencing the unique trip.

Cruising in a catamaran or sailboat in Miami with a captain and crew is ideal especially if you have no sailing experience. The captain and crew will take care of the sailing technicalities and guide you through the best places Miami has to offer. They are also experts in the area due to their sailing experience and will be able to take you to places few people know about.

Generally, when you book a sailing trip in Miami with a captain and crew, the cost is divided into the price of renting the boat, the additional services, and the APA. The APA is the additional money given to the captain so they can pay for the trip’s extras such as gasoline, food, and drinks.

You can also choose to cruise on sailboats or catamarans in Miami with only a captain. This is a great option if you would like someone to take care of the sailing technicalities but would also like to eat at the restaurants Miami has to offer.

Do you want to set sail without a captain or crew? You will need a valid boating license for the boat type you chose to rent.

Best routes for your sailing trip in Miami

There is plenty to do on a sailing trip in Miami, from visiting sandbars and snorkeling to kayaking and deep-sea fishing there is plenty to do. You can choose to experience an island-hopping itinerary visiting all of the best islands in the area or a longer itinerary visiting Florida Key’s beautiful islands.

Our first island-hopping itinerary is close by to Miami! This is a perfect itinerary if you are going to cruise on a sailboat or catamaran in Miami for a long weekend and want to explore the area. From Miami, you can discover an island paradise, Key Biscayne. This oasis of sandy beaches, nature preserves, and restaurants with stunning views is a must-visit while you are on your sailing trip in Miami. Next stop, Fisher Island! You will be greeted with coconut palms and mangroves on this lush extension of Miami. Once you’ve enjoyed the white sand and light blue waters, you can visit Star Island. This man-made island’s beautiful turquoise waters boast a sizzling nightlife.

Once you feel like you’ve explored Star Island enough, you can sail to La Gorce Island. A tranquil island is situated near some of the best shopping, dining, and beaches near Miami. Onto Sunset Islands, a group of four islands in South Florida. These islands are considered to be one of the most prestigious areas in South Florida, drawing in the rich and famous. Last but not least, visit Venetian Islands and Indian Creek Island before heading back to Miami. See how multimillionaires live visiting these two spectacular islands before heading back to Miami’s buzzing beaches.

Cruising in a sailboat vs catamaran

Wondering what the best boat type is for your group? Click&Boat is here to help make your decision easier with some advantages and disadvantages of each boat type. Choose the boat that suits your needs and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

A cruise in a catamaran in Miami is a great idea if you want to have a luxurious experience onboard. Catamarans are very spacious which facilitates comfort and coexistence. The boat’s two hulls also make them more stable when sailing which is also great if you are prone to getting seasick. Cruising on a catamaran in Miami is highly recommended for families with children since it is easier to move around and carry out different activities onboard such as cooking. Generally, a catamaran’s draft is typically smaller so you can get closer to shallow water. However, this same feature also makes them slower and harder to maneuver along with being pricer than other boats.

A cruise on a sailboat makes the sailing sensation intensify which can be more exciting for our sailing enthusiasts. Renting a sailboat is also more affordable thanks to the size of the sailboat. Since the boat is smaller and has only one hull the living spaces are also smaller. The boat is also less stable so you are more likely to get seasick.

How much does it cost to go on a sailing trip in Miami?

The price of a cruise on a sailboat or catamaran in Miami varies depending on many factors. First, the boat type, conditions, and characteristics of the boat, along with the season of navigation can change the price. The best time to sail in Miami is from the end of February to early May when you can experience Miami’s best weather. It is also worth noting that hurricane season is from June to November.

A cruise on a sailboat in Miami costs from $5,777 per week

A cruise on a catamaran in Miami costs from $12,286 per week

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