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Motorboat QUICKSILVER Sundeck 675 150hp (2013)

From $384 per day

 32 · Pro

Motorboat JEANNEAU CAP CAMARAT 7.5 WA 250hp (2014)

From $438 per day

 22 · Pro

RIB Grand 650G Goldenline 150hp (2020)

From $334 per day

Special offer

RIB Nuova Jolly Prince 21 150hp (2019)

From $271 per day

 39 · Super owner

Sailboat JEANNEAU SUN-FAST 39 12m (1991)

From $313 per day


Sailboat BENETEAU OCEANIS 31 9.69m (2011)

From $234 per day


Catamaran LAGOON 400 12m (2011)

From $508 per day

 13 · Pro

Catamaran LAGOON 450 F 13.96m (2016)

From $1,095 per day

 16 · Super owner

Motorboat Jeanneau Cap Camarat 5.5 Wa 115hp (2019)

From $219 per day


Motorboat JEANNEAU CAP-CAMARAT WA 200hp (2008)

From $328 per day


RIB Bwa 22 GT SPORT 150hp (2015)

From $361 per day

 23 · Super owner

RIB GRAND 650G GOLDEN LINE 150hp (2020)

From $334 per day


Sailboat JEANNEAU Sun odyssée 349 9.98m (2014)

From $311 per day

 95 · Super owner
Special offer

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Dance 36 11m (1989)

From $234 per day

 22 · Pro · Super owner
Special offer

Motorboat BENETEAU BENETEAU FLYER 6M 150 EFI 2019 150hp (1994)

From $301 per day

 91 · Super owner

Motorboat Pacific Craft 700 SUN CRUISER 200hp (2020)

From $372 per day

 24 · Pro

RIB Capelli Capelli Tempest 700 225hp (2018)

From $317 per day

 20 · Super owner

Motorboat PACIFIC CRAFT 750 Open 225hp (2018)

From $438 per day

 37 · Pro

Hyères: a joy for boaters

In the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, if there is one town where hiring a boat allows you to discover many things in a different way, it is the town of Hyères, also aptly called "Hyères les Palmiers". 

It's impossible to pass through the region without hiring a boat in Hyères: RIBs, motorboats, sailboats or catamarans are available on Click&Boat. You can sail to the islands of Porquerolles and Port-Cros, just a few miles from the port of Hyères, while enjoying the sailing-friendly Mediterranean climate.  The port of Hyères indeed provides access to one of the most interesting sailing areas in the Mediterranean.

A boat rental in Hyères is an opportunity to enjoy scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing and many other typical water activities in the region.

Sailing in Hyères

Hyères boat hire by the day allows you to enjoy Port-Cros or Porquerolles, just a few miles away. You can also sail along the Côte d'Azur coastline to La Londe-les-Maures, Le Lavandou or Six-Fours-les-Plages

If you rent a sailboat for a week, you can easily push your cruise as far as Cannes, taking advantage of a stopover in the bay of Saint-Tropez. For 15-day cruises, Hyères is a good starting point to reach Corsica. 

In early July, don't miss the event that is Jazz in Porquerolles ! Port-Cros is much more intimate and is one of the most beautiful anchorages in the Mediterranean. Swimming is very pleasant and the parc national de Port-Cros, a well-preserved wilderness site, has the particularity of being the only national park in mainland France to extend over both land and sea portions.

If you wish to make the most of your outing at sea, you can rent a motorboat or a RIB with an open hull. In case of strong heat, we advise you to equip yourself with a sun cover.

Price of a boat rental in Hyères

To rent a boat in Hyères count between $115 and $1200 per day.  

The prices of a boat rental in Hyères vary according to the type of boat, its size, the date and the owner. 

Find out how much a rental costs for the different boats available on Click&Boat :

  • Hyères RIB rental: on average $280/day or about $28/person per day
  • Sailboat rental in Hyères: on average $280/day or about $40/person per day
  • Motorboat rental in Hyères: on average $330/day or about $45/person per day
  • Catamaran rental in Hyères: on average $510/day or about $65/person per day

Yacht charter in Hyères is also available on Click&Boat.

Hyères, the beautiful

Hyères is a beautiful and surprising town that not only offers more than 7,000 palm trees planted or cultivated on its territory. It is also, and often above all, one of the most popular departure points on the Côte d'Azur for discovering a fabulous coastline, filled with as many riches as surprises.


Located 15 kilometres from Toulon and above all known for its welcoming climate, the town of Hyères is in itself one of the top places for private and professional boat and yacht hire. The town of Hyères has been a tourist destination for several centuries.

This seaside resort offers its visitors a spa centre, as well as many other surprises for those who are passionate about botany, viticulture or floriculture, without forgetting all those who come there simply for the sun.

The Golden Islands: splendid sites within sailing range 

As for those who, because of the site, are looking to rent a sailing boat in Hyères, the booming marina will provide them with all the necessary options. It is thus, especially by boat, that you will be able to reach the three main pearls of azure located near the point of the peninsula of Giens:

  • the island of Porquerolles
  • the national park of the island of Port-Cros 
  • Levant Island

Islands that are both wild and unspoilt, natural environments that are under constant surveillance, and above all, particularly as far as Porquerolles is concerned, truly magical places that can only be seen and approached from the sea. From Hyères, you can also head for the calanques and discover the sea.


These little jewels of the Mediterranean, which are grouped together under the name of the island of Hyères, are located just a short distance from the peninsula of Giens, a few minutes by boat for Porquerolles, a few dozen minutes for the island of Port-Cros and just a little more for the most easterly of the three. Take a cruise to the island of Hyères from your home port. A pleasant moment to experience with family or friends.

All types of sailboats, motorboats or catamarans are available in Hyères (Océanis, Lagoon Dufour, Foutaine Pajot, Bénéteau, Zodiac). There is no doubt that you will find what you are looking for on Click;Boat! You can hire a boat with or without a captain depending on your boating skills. A coastal or offshore licence will be more than enough to visit the beautiful creeks around.

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In Hyères, privately owned boats are available for rental. See other boats in the area.

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30 Σεπτ 2019
Hyères is a great location close to wonderful islands of Porquerolle, Por-croz and Ile du Levant Nearby airport of Hyères/toulon or flights to Nice and Marseille allow for efficient transportation. Sailed end of september. Great weather, good breeze. One day sailing to St Tropez, Cassis or the Parc National des Calenques. We will be back
4 Σεπτ 2019
Great place to explore the islands and really beautiful coastline with many small beaches
Jon Andri
10 Νοε 2017
We sailed from La Londe to the island of Port Cros. There is a lovely harbor on the island. Look at the maps before you start, the area is a national park with many limitations. But its worth to go there. Its a easy daytrip from La Londe. The mistral wind can be very strong in this area. But it will be worth it.
14 Αυγ 2016
The port of Hyeres was excellent and the proximity of the islands give an interesting day's cruise. We travelled from Saint Maxine which was easier by the autoroute rather than travelling down the coast. Parking was not a problem as we parked right next to the boat. We didn't use any of the restaurants as we had lunch on the island