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Sailboat JANMOR 34 AC 9.85m (2013)

From €129 per day

 13 · Super owner

Sailboat i-Yacht Sasanka Viva 700 7.3m (2020)

From €38 per day


Motorboat Balt Yacht Suncamper 30 Classic 30hp (2017)

From €115 per day

Special offer

Motorboat AM YACHT AM 625 OPEN 150hp (2020)

From €330 per day

Special offer

Houseboat Navigator 999 Prestige 44hp (2017)

From €330 per day

 6 · Super owner

Jet ski Yamaha V1 Deluxe 110hp (2015)

From €233 per day


Sailboat i-Yacht Sasanka Viva 700 xxx 7.3m (2020)

From €38 per day


Sailboat i Yacht Sasanka Viva 600 6.2m (2020)

From €32 per day


Motorboat Weekend 820 30hp (2014)

From €72 per day


Motorboat stillo yachts stillo 30 42hp (2018)

From €150 per day


Sailboat Tango 780S 7.8m (2008)

From €34 per day


Sailboat Antila 24 7.18m (2010)

From €34 per day


Sailboat Sedna SEDNA 26 7.6m (2020)

From €53 per day


Motorboat Delphia Nautika Nano 15hp (2015)

From €47 per day


Motorboat MARION 570 115hp (2016)

From €150 per day

Special offer

Motorboat Galeon Galia 700 250hp (2012)

From €460 per day

 4 · Super owner

Motorboat Axopar 37 Top Cross Cabin Brabus Line 600hp (2021)

From €690 per day


Sailboat Sedna SEDNA 26 7.9m (2020)

From €53 per day

Rent a boat in Poland - plan the perfect holiday

Poland is a beautiful country, full of diverse landscapes and natural treasures. Lakes, sea, bays, lagoons are perfect for renting speedboats or sailboats, everything is within your reach! In addition, you have the opportunity to relax in nature, surrounded by beautiful green forests, on the white beaches of the Baltic coast, anchor in beautiful small, secluded harbours or sail in larger ports that offer many attractions for sailing enthusiasts. What's more, there are countless concerts, festivals or pubs where you can eat fresh fish and relax with a drink with your family or group of friends. Now the only question is: which region will you choose? Masuria, Pomerania or maybe Szczecin?

Reserve a boat with Click&Boat

Looking for a suitable boat for your next cruise? You've come to the right place! Whether you are planning a day, weekend or week aboard, on the Click&Boat platform you will find your ideal boat for a good summer relaxation, fun and water sports! Choose the type of boat that suits you best. With or without captain and set sail with Click&Boat. Treat yourself to a real break from everyday life!

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Poland?

  • The price of a sailboat rental in Poland can vary depending on the make and year of the boat, as well as the size, number of people on board to share the cost and even, route chosen.
  • A day on a motorboat in Poland can cost from $50 upwards, excluding the possible costs of hiring a professional captain and fuel. Remember that even if you don't have the proper nautical license, on Click&Boat you can also rent a boat without a license. Who knows, maybe even opt for a houseboat rental, available from just $75 per day.

On board a boat on Polish waterways

Nature takes the lead here. Sail calmly between the forest edges, in clean and warm waters, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets... It will be a wonderful adventure from which you will return with beautiful memories. A good option is to go to Lake Jeziorak, or to visit Swinoujscie or Szczecin. The Gulf of Gdansk and the village of Solina also attract many water sports enthusiasts. What's next? Do you already know where you are planning on going for your next cruise?

Masuria and its large surrounding lakes (Sniardwy, Mamry, Niegocin, Dargin, Kisajno) are the most popular and recommended destination for sailing rental. The Masurian lakes are also ideal for renting motortboats, including those that can be driven without a license. In the heart of Masuria you will find hundreds of sailboats and motorboats for hire. Giżycko is a dynamic and lively town that offers many attractions, especially during the holiday season. Many boats are also moored in Wilkasy or in Piekna Gora. The second nautical centre of Masuria is Mikolajki, located in the southern part of the Great Masurian Lakes Trail. At the northern end is Węgorzewo, which has a number of historical monuments (including a 14th-century Teutonic castle) and a great location.

The whole route, together with its canals, covers over 200 kilometres, meaning there's no getting bored here! The most popular sailing routes in Masuria are:

  • Giżycko - Mikołajki (37 km).
  • Giżycko - Wegorzewo (25 km).
  • Mikołajki - Pisz (25 km)
  • Mikołajki - Ruciane-Nida (19 km)
  • Mikolajki - Ryn (20 km)

Discover the charms of Warmia-Masuria

If you love Masuria, it's a great idea to also check out what other towns and villages in this region have to offer. Apart from the Land of a Thousand Lakes, Olsztyn is also worth a visit with its 16 nearby lakes, ideal for renting sailboats and motorboats. Among the largest are Lake Ukiel, commonly known as Krzywe, the Kortowskie and the Track. When in Olsztyn, be sure to visit the Warminski Bishops' Castle, the Upper Gate and the Basilica of St. Jacob. Elblag, which thanks to the Elblag River and its location near the lakes and the Pomeranian region, also offers many attractive places for boat rental. Another recommended destination is Ilawa, with its surrounding Lake Jeziorak, the longest and sixth largest lake in Poland.

Take the course towards Gdansk Bay.

During your visit to the Tricity (or the Tricity), climb aboard one of the boats anchored here. Set sail from Gdansk or Gdynia and sail through the calm waters of Gdansk Bay. This gulf offers excellent sailing conditions that will satisfy both experienced and novice sailors. During a cruise around the bay, you can see Puck, Hel or Jastarnia, and spend an unforgettable time on the water.

Sailing on the high seas

If you want to sail on the open sea, you can easily reach the iconic Władysławowo. After sailing through the Hel Peninsula, you will reach this fishing town, where it is a must to try the fresh cod straight from the source. Still hungry for adventures at sea? Sail further on to Łeba, famous for its shifting sand dunes. One thing is for sure - sailing along the Baltic coast you won't be bored!

In terms of attractions, the Zulawy Circuit is not far behind. It is a unique waterway that runs through the Vistula Spit, the Zulawy Wislane and the Vistula Lagoon. In total, it's over 300 kilometres of route ideal for a relaxing cruise. In these areas you can see the remains of Dutch settlers and architectural gems such as the Teutonic Castle in Malbork. The route is also particularly interesting because of the unique hydro-technical monuments such as locks and drawbridges. Ready for a new adventure?

Poland's sailing map has been extended by the modernised Western Pomerania Sailing Route. There are new marinas and lovely places where you can anchor and relax in nature. The main centre of the Route is, of course, Szczecin. The city has a rich history and interesting architecture. From a sailing point of view, its location is also impressive. Climb aboard a motorboat and cruise the Szczecin Lagoon. From Szczecin you can also set off on a Baltic Sea cruise, for example to Denmark, Germany or Sweden.

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