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Enjoy The Carolina Coast with a Morehead City Boat Rental

In an area where small towns throughout the Outer Banks dominate the tourism industry, Morehead City is a hidden gem that quite often gets overlooked. However, this coastal town is rich in pirate history and has some incredible spots for fishing.

Getting a boat charter in Morehead City is almost mandatory when you’re planning a trip to the area. If you’re visiting a city known for its rich fishing history, you need to be able to mix with the locals.

You’ll find plenty of opportunities for recreation while you’re in the area. However, the first step is deciding on the type of yacht charter in Morehead City that will be best suited to you.

Deciding On a Morehead City Boat Rental

There are lots of options for renting a boat in Morehead City, and the following list gives you a preview of what to expect.

• Skiffs are available starting at about $800 per day.

• If you’re more into scuba diving, dive boats are available for about $1,100 per day.

• Charter fishing adventures are available starting at $700 per day and increase from there.

Once you secure your yacht rental in Morehead City, the future is wide open as far as where to explore.

Where to Take Your Morehead City Boat Rental

You won’t be hard-pressed to find water-based fun in Morehead City.

• The Morehead City waterfront is a unique beach with several sculptures and statues, including a replica Cape Lookout lighthouse and a full-sized likeness of King Neptune. There are sand bars that lie ahead of the main beach area, giving sunbathers the opportunity to hang out in the middle of the ocean during low tide.

• The History Museum of Carteret County gives you a unique walk through the past of Morehead City. Inside the museum, the décor resembles an old train station, which is what the building used to be.

• Radio Island is a beach area located where the ocean meets the river. This area is officially known as the Intracoastal Waterway and provides transportation routes for the maritime traffic in the area.

• The Carteret Community Theater plays host to a variety of different shows, comedians, and upcoming country music stars. If you’re lucky, you might just catch an act from the next superstar.

When you rent with Click&Boat, a normal vacation is opened up to include a whole new world of recreation and nautical adventure. It’s much simpler to rent a boat in Morehead City than to buy one and haul it, and reservations can be made in the blink of an eye.

Additionally, all of the renters are screened for the proper insurance and ensure their equipment remains in top shape.

Boat Rental In Morehead City FAQs:

What’s the best marina in Morehead City?

There are TONS of marinas and boat launches in Morehead City. In fact, Radio Island contains six alone. Depending on where you plan on exploring, there are several locations that will be the most efficient for putting your boat in the water.

The lowest prices to rent Boat in Morehead

The lowest price to rent Boat in Morehead is approximately $675.00 per day. For better prices, rent smaller boats and in low season.

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