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Find your dream custom cruise around the world and treat your family or friends to a holiday they’ll never forget. Customise your cruise and book your trip on a catamaran or sailboat with our expert skippers and crew.

Book a luxury cruise for a sailing holiday you won’t forget!

Cruise in Barcelona

Discover Barcelona's coastline as you sail across the waves. Come to the Costa Brava or discover the Balearics.

From €350 per day

Cruise in Capri

Discover glittering coves and dreamy beaches as you sail across the waves.

From €350 per day

Cruise in the Caribbean

Marvel at turquoise waters and white sandy beaches as you sail one of the planet's most famous seas!

From €560 per day

Cruise in Corfu

Sail the Ionian Sea and delight in Corfu's stunning coves and beaches

From €350 per day

Cruise in Mykonos

Sail around the Aegean sea and discover the beauty of Mykonos

From €350 per day

Cruise in Zadar

Zadar is an ideal starting point for a sailing trip along the beautiful Croatian coast.

From €350 per day

Cruise in the Bahamas

Your dream sailing trip in the Bahamas cruising through 700 islands and sparkling waters.

From €430 per day

Cruise in Greece

Cruise through Greece's crystal clear waters and venture to the multitude of cities and islands

From €600 per day

Cruise in Italy

From awe-inspiring cities to breathtaking islands, Italy is a veritable utopia just waiting for you to explore.

From €400 per day

Cruise in Cancun

Get ready to discover some of the best islands and beaches in the Caribbean and have the holiday of a lifetime!

From €1,000 per day

Cruise in Malta

Venture to the paradisiacal islands in the Maltese archipelago with your family and friends for the perfect holiday.

From €1,000 per day

Cruise in Ibiza

The Balearic's most famous island will surprise you with its paradisiacal coves and adventurous water sports.

From €350 per day

Cruise in Croatia

Discover the stunning cities of Hvar, Split and Dubrovnik as you cruise through the Adriatic Sea.

From €540 per day

Cruise in Mallorca

Hundreds of coves and beaches await you as you navigate the waters of the Balearic's largest island.

From €350 per day

Cruise in Tortola

Travel to the largest of the BVIs and delight in the sparkling sea and sandy beaches

From €350 per day

Cruise catamaran and sailboat

Want to plan a cruise?

Our experts are at your disposal to organise the perfect cruise with you.

Book a luxury cruise for a holiday you won’t forget!

Do you want a break from staying in hotel rooms, confined to a single destination per holiday? If you want a completely different holiday style which perfectly combines the comfort of a hotel with the adventure of a road trip, why not go on a custom cruise with Click&Boat? You can sail to the most beautiful destinations on a cruise on one of our best catamarans or sailboats, taking advantage of home comforts, while also exploring multiple dream locations. Go island hopping in the Caribbean or the Maldives, or stay in Europe and discover all the islands the Mediterranean has to offer. Cruises aren’t just about which boat you’re on or even your destination. They are about the memories you can make with your friends or family as you set sail for an unforgettable adventure.

Cruise with your family, kids and friends

What could be better than making memories with the people you love, whether it be with your children, partners, or friends? With Click&Boat, you have the opportunity to make this happen in the most unique way possible with a private luxury cruise in a catamaran or sailboat. Sailboats and catamarans have enough space to welcome groups of any size and our boats are all equipped with the necessities to make your trip as safe as possible, even if you’re travelling with young children. Together, you can discover some of the most spectacular places on Earth, learning a lot as you go.

Is it possible to find cruises on a sailboat or catamaran with a skipper and crew?

Have you always wanted to go on a holiday but don’t know how to sail? Not to worry, with Click&Boat, you can easily find a boat charter with not just a skipper, but also a crew. The skippers who accompany our cruises on catamarans and sailboats have a wealth of experience when it comes to sailing and also the specific destination you are travelling to. This means that they can tailor your cruise to give you an experience full of only the most beautiful spots that appeal to each passenger the most.

If you want a cruise that is even more luxurious, you should find a boat charter with a full crew who will ensure that your trip goes smoothly and that you don’t have to lift a finger while on board. There is a separate sleeping area on the boat for the skipper and crew, so you don’t have to worry about strangers invading your privacy. If you want to learn a little bit more about sailing, this style of holiday is also perfect for you as the skipper and crew will be happy to tell you everything you need to know about sailing a boat.

Is a cruise in a catamaran or a sailboat more suited to your needs?

Both catamarans and sailboats are well suited for a custom cruise but each boat is more appropriate for a different type of client as they have slightly different features. In general, the sailboat is probably better known, although typically in the context of racing and competition. What many people don’t realise is that today’s sailboats are actually designed for cruises with maximum comfort in mind. Sailboats today are very spacious, with all the necessary areas for a comfortable trip, including sleeping cabins, a bathroom, a galley, a seating area, and a storage space for your luggage. On the deck, there is a cockpit where you steer the boat, as well as a foredeck where you can relax to your heart’s content. A major advantage of the sailboat is that it’s possible to cover a lot of distance without fuel, which is not only more environmentally friendly but also cheaper. These boats are also very fast, which means you can cover a lot of ground and visit a lot of different places during a cruise on a sailboat.

A catamaran looks a lot like a sailboat but has a different structure. Whereas the sailboat has a monohull structure, a catamaran has a double hull, the two connected by a bridge. This means that a cruise on a catamaran has some advantages over a cruise on a sailboat. The first major advantage is that the double hull structure offers more stability than a monohull boat. This is helpful in the case that one of your passengers suffers from seasickness as the boat will be less affected by the waves. Catamarans are also able to enter shallower waters with allows access to more areas during your nautical adventure, something which is useful if your main aim is exploration. There is also more space onboard a catamaran and the fact that there are usually cabins located in both hulls allows for more privacy. On the bridge, you will find a seating area and on the deck, you will find not only the steering wheel but also a canopy to sit under. There is also usually a sundeck, which consists of either two trampolines or a lounge area.

Whether you decide to cruise with a catamaran or a sailboat, we are sure that you will have an amazing trip, with the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Which holiday experiences can you have during your cruise in a sailboat or catamaran?

While cruising in a catamaran or sailboat, it is natural to chase fun experiences so Click&Boat has made a list of the best things to try during your boating adventure. Firstly, boating holidays give you the opportunity to either discover new places or rediscover some of your favourite destinations from a brand new perspective. No matter where you’re going, there’s nothing quite like the spectacular panoramic pictures you can take from the sea. Depending on where you’re headed, a boat charter will also allow access to areas that are unreachable by land, such as breathtaking beaches and hidden caves.

A cruise on a sailboat or catamaran will also enable you to moor at picturesque historical towns and charming fishing villages. Such places almost always have markets where you can find souvenirs and restaurants and cafes full of local delicacies.

You may also have the opportunity to try out various different water sports during your boating holiday. Aside from the obvious unique opportunity to go swimming while surrounded by nothing but the ocean, you can also admire the surrounding marine life on a snorkelling or scuba diving adventure. Some boats also come equipped with the necessary equipment to try out such sports as wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, and surfing.

How much will a cruise on a sailboat or catamaran cost?

The price of boating holidays typically depends on many different factors, including the type and size of the boat, your destination, the season, and the duration of your trip. Usually, sailboats are cheaper to rent than catamarans and the price is obviously much lower in the low season. Prices on the website are usually given per week. To find more information about prices, simply go onto the website, enter the desired destination and dates of your trip and browse our impressive selection of boats.

Which extra charges are there when embarking on a cruise in a catamaran or sailboat, and what is included in the base price?

Usually, the base price of a luxury boat charter includes only the basic rental costs and maybe also the mooring fees in the port of origin. Other costs are usually split up into mandatory and optional extras. Some examples of mandatory extras include fuel, mooring fees at other ports you visit, and also the charter package. The charter package usually includes a final clean, an inspection of the boat to check it hasn’t been damaged, as well as necessities such as cutlery, crockery and bed linen. Optional extras will normally be things such as water sport equipment (surfboards, jet skis, snorkelling and scuba diving equipment etc.). However, occasionally there will be boats where such equipment is included in the price, so it’s worth checking with each individual boat owner what is and isn’t included.

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