Rent a boat in Santa Marta with or without a licence

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With or without a skipper
Price per day
0 - €1,200+
Boat length
0 - 60+ m
Engine power
0 - 400+ hp
Year of manufacture
2003 - 2024
Search radius
100 Max Km
4 boats available

Luxury rent boat all day (2016)

Santa Marta
With skipper
Super owner

From €720 per day

Discount offer

Motorboat Firpol 2021 (2021)

Santa Marta
With skipper

From €280 per day

Sailboat velero velero 55m (2002)

Santa Marta
Without skipper

From €2,396,745 per day

Motorboat Firpol 2012 400hp (2012)

Santa Marta
With skipper

From €350 per day

Find out the yacht or the sailboat that fits your needs by the yacht charter in Santa Marta with our platform. During your trip, take advantage of sailing on the sea or on the canals and the rivers or leave the yacht at the dock and explore the surroundings of the destination of your choice.

Cost to rent a ##boat type## in Santa Marta

The average daily cost to rent Boat in Santa Marta is €1,600.00. It is possible to find cheaper and more expensive boats in this area because many factors influence the cost.

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In Santa Marta, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

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