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Find out the yacht or the sailboat that fits your needs by the yacht charter in Czechia with our platform. During your trip, take advantage of sailing on the sea or on the canals and the rivers or leave the yacht at the dock and explore the surroundings of the destination of your choice.

Good to know

Number of boats:20 boats available
Types of boats:Motorboat, RIB, Catamaran
Average price: €734 per day
Minimum price: €200 per day
Maximum price: €1,101 per day
Manufacturers:Dufour, Barracuda, and more

Frequently Asked Questions about Czechia

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Czechia for a day?

The average cost of renting a boat in Czechia is around €734 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between €200 and €1,101 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Czechia?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Czechia, you can expect to pay an average of €100 per day for a skipper.

What are the most popular boat manufacturers in Czechia?

The most popular boat manufacturers in Czechia are Dufour and Barracuda.

What is included in the cost of a boat rental in Czechia?

The price of a boat rental in Czechia typically includes amenities such as Freezer, Cold pressure under pressure, Dinner table etc.

What is the average length of a boat in Czechia?

The average length of a boat in Czechia is 13 meters.

Charter a boat near Czechia

In Czechia, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

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