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RIB CAPELLI Tempeste 625 140hp (2009)

With or without a captain
 43 · Super owner

From €300 per day

Lomac 675 (2012)

Without captain

From €520 per day

Motorboat BENETEAU FLYER SPACE DECK 6.6 200hp (2018)

Without captain
 38 · Super owner

From €250 per day

Motorboat Beneteau Flyer 7 200hp (2021)

With or without a captain
 26 · Pro · Super owner

From €480 per day

Sailboat BENETEAU OCEANIS 34 10.34m (2010)

Without captain
 42 · Pro · Super owner

From €407 per day

RIB Capelli Tempest 600 130hp (2016)

Without captain
 27 · Pro

From €260 per day

RIB COLZANI BSC 61 150hp (2010)

With or without a captain
 81 · Super owner

From €400 per day

Motorboat Bayliner E6 115hp (2017)

Without captain
 44 · Pro · Super owner

From €299 per day

Motorboat Beneteau Flyer 6.50 WA 115hp (2003)

Without captain
 33 · Super owner

From €275 per day


With or without a captain
 74 · Super owner

From €430 per day

RIB CAPELLI tempest 626 150hp (2011)

Without captain
 45 · Pro

From €425 per day

RIB zodiac Sunrider 140hp (2006)

With or without a captain
 22 · Super owner

From €650 per day

Motorboat Asmarine Asmarine 50 pieds 1000hp (2008)

With captain
 29 · Pro

From €850 per day

RIB BSC 53 80hp (2013)

With or without a captain
 22 · Pro

From €300 per day

Motorboat BENETEAU flyer 6.50 wa 140hp (2003)

Without captain
 62 · Super owner

From €257 per day

RIB 3dtender 550 lux 70hp (2018)

With or without a captain

From €249 per day

RIB Zodiac Medline Ii 115hp (2008)

With or without a captain
 35 · Super owner

From €450 per day

Motorboat Sessa Marine Key Largo 23 300hp (2003)

Without captain
 20 · Super owner

From €328 per day

Why hire a boat in Corsica?

Corsica, a diamond of the Mediterranean, attracts many sailors every year who come to admire the landscapes and the magical beauty of its beaches. Boat hire in Corsica benefits from the island's privileged location, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Sunny coastline, boat trip from the Strait of Bonifacio, sea trips in the Calanques of Piana or even anchoring off the beach at Roccapina: it is certain that everyone can find their corner in this paradise!

To get away from the crowds and discover the Island of Beauty in a more than special way, hire a boat in Corsica. By sailboat, catamaran, speedboat, yacht or semi-rigid, set off towards the Lavezzi islands, the Piana Calanques, the Scandola Nature Reserve or even the Maddalena archipelago in Sardinia: everything is magnificent, and possible, on board a boat!

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3 highlights of Corsican sailing : 


An island with a diversity of landscapes and a Mediterranean climate

A unique and strong culture that translates perfectly into sailing

A multitude of ports and sailing spots

What to see and do in Corsica?

To discover the most beautiful places in Corsica, boat hire is a more than natural solution. Discovering Corsica through a Mediterranean Sea cruise is the kind of unforgettable experience we seek when travelling. Can you imagine?

Calvi: one of the island's major tourist attractions. Stroll along the cafes and restaurants that embellish the quay, just a stone's throw from the yachts and sailboats moored in the harbour, attracting tourists who come to admire the luxury yachts that make up the picturesque setting.

Port: Hiring a boat in Corsica will also allow you to let yourself be enchanted by the Port area or by Cap (Cape) Corse, this tiny "island within the island", with its unusual and seductive wild landscapes, as well as the Sanguinaires Islands, which offer stunning views of the beautiful red cliffs.

The Lavezzi Islands: From Bonifacio, you can also reach the Lavezzi Islands, located about 10 km away: the beaches are magnificent and the water incredibly clear. Take the opportunity also to visit Cavallo Island, the largest island in the archipelago, between Corsica and Sardinia. A simple walk on the sea can bring a lot of joy to sailors, so let's get on board!

What time of year is best to go to Corsica?

With its Mediterranean climate, Corsica offers the most favourable period for sailing between the beginning of May and the end of October. On the Isle of Beauty, the water temperature usually stays at 27°C during the summer, a temperature worthy of the Caribbean sea!

Don't want to have to deal with the whirlwind of summer tourists? Go during late September, when the tourist season starts to slow down.

What is the price of a boat rental in Corsica?

The average price of a motorboat in Corsica starts at around 170€ per day, to be shared between the crew of the tour.

Renting a sailboat for a week-long cruise requires a budget of at least 600€ and for a catamaran about 1600€. 

The owners often make interesting promotions, and although the rental of larger boats is often weekly, you can always use our internal message box to discuss these details with the owners.

The price of a boat rental in Corsica varies according to the owners, the type and size of the boat, the destination chosen, the time of year and more. Use our filters to find the ideal boat for your trip!

What type of boat to hire in Corsica ?

Do you want to rent a boat in Corsica ? Click&Boat will help you to find what you are looking for! Set sail in the Gulf of Porto or the Gulf of Sagone and visit the Île Rousse. Several types and models of boats are available to live incredible experiences in Corsica. Choose between a motorboat, a semi-rigid, a sailboat or a catamaran to discover paradisiacal beaches and coves and authentic villages like tiny Cargèse. 

For an extraordinary experience and unrivalled comfort, choose a yacht rental in Corsica. Corsica offers endless locations for peaceful sailing and renting a boat will allow you to visit incredible places, including the Scandola Nature Reserve and the Calanques de Piana, rightly classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There's fun for everyone: from a day trip on a semi-rigid boat to a cruise around Corsica on a catamaran or a sailing trip through the Bouches de Bonifacio to reach Sardinia. For the more adventurous, it is possible to hire a sailboat from Nice and make the crossing to Calvi. By chartering directly in Corsica, you can avoid the crossing of the mainland and save 2 to 3 days on your holiday.

Renting a boat with a skipper in Corsica

No experience with sailing or simply want to enjoy your cruise without worries? For a comfortable and even more peaceful sailing, opt for renting a boat with a captain. The captain will be able to offer you his best plans and sailing tips. With a bit of luck, he will take you to his secret spots to avoid the summer horde of tourists in ways that only a local sailor would know how to do.

If you wish to climb aboard a multihull and don't have a sailing qualification (licence), check out our offers for catamaran hire in Corsica with skipper. In the case of a monohull, the personalised service will remain the same if you choose to hire a sailboat in Corsica with a skipper.

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Sep 11, 2017
the region is excellent. Better than Sardinia to visit the beautiful waters. one full day minimum on the water, if you can make it 2. there's so much beauty to see. we saw Lavezzi islands, bonifacio and this little place in between called, ile Piana. this last one was the most amazing place we had ever seen!