Rent a boat in Lower Franconia with or without a licence

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Rental type
With or without a skipper
0 - €1,200+
0 - 60+ m
0 - 400+ hp
2004 - 2025
400 Max Km
2 boats available

Motorboat Bayliner E6 115hp (2019)

With or without a skipper
 3  · Super owner

From €350 per day

Quicksilver 555 WA (2007)

With or without a skipper

From €399 per day

If you are searching for a yacht to charter in Lower Franconia online, you are on the right website! Discover on our platform a large choice of sailing yachts, catamarans and motorboats with or without captain to enjoy a wonderful holiday with family or friends. Having more than 50000 yachts available, is a private yacht charter service giving the opportunity to yacht owners to charter their yacht when they want and to people to find a sailboat or a motorboat at a cheaper price. Find your dream boat in Lower Franconia by checking the characteristics and the comments of the different yachts ads. Then, send a message to the yacht owner in order to ask the questions you need or to book the yacht at the period you selected.

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