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Why rent a boat in Norway?

Norsk skies, fjords, midnight sun and mountain peaks! If you like beautiful scenery, Norway is the place to go boating. The country has six different regions that you can explore by boat, and each has its own character.

You can also have everything from a shopping holiday in Oslo to the most amazing natural experiences, so there's no doubt that the country has a lot to offer. Closest to Sweden is Norway's east coast and Oslo, the Norwegian capital, is not too far from the Swedish border.

Oslo and the surrounding area is a must-visit during your sail! Further down the coast are Kristiansand and Sörlandet, the Norwegians' own summer paradise with beautiful beaches and unusually many hours of sunshine. Norway's west coast also has a lot of great destinations! Stavanger, Bergen, Tromsø and Lofoten are just a few of the great destinations.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Norway?

The cost of a yacht charter in Norway depends on where you're looking to sail, the time of year and how many people are on board. The size and type of vessel with also affect the final price. Below are some average prices of a boat rental in Norway by boat type. 


€2,058/week for 8 people.


€5,732/day for 12 people.


€3,200/day for 12 people.


€28,420/week for 12 people.

Where to sail in Norway


Oslo is certainly a city with a lot going on right now! The city was named Europe's Green Capital 2019 and is also filled with exciting cuisines, cool events and fun new neighbourhoods! Sail in through the Oslofjord to see the beautiful scenery and discover the city from the sea.

Once ashore, the region offers everything from big-city experiences to stunning scenery If you're looking for a more cultural experience, the new Munch Museum will open in autumn 2020. Edvard Munch was one of the greatest artists in Norway's history and much of his 28,000 works are collected in the museum. Bordering Oslo are also the regions of Østfold and Vestfold, where you can dock by boat in the charming towns of Fredrikstad and Tønsberg.

Kristiansand and Sørlandet

Sørlandet, Norway's southernmost region, is also the summer paradise of Norwegians. The region is full of beautiful beaches and when you travel by boat, you also have access to the thousands of islands that are found in the region. The largest city in the region is Kristiansand. There you can stroll through beautiful authentic alleys in the old town of Posebyen, feast on fresh seafood or take part in one of the city's many festivals.

If you're travelling with the family, Dyreparken is a safe bet, while Kristiansand Zoo is a guaranteed hit with kids young and old. If you sail the furthest south in the region, you'll find Lindesnes lighthouse, Norway's southernmost point! If you want to enjoy a tasty meal, the Michelin restaurant Under is also located here, the world's largest underwater restaurant.


Continuing past the southern tip of Norway and sailing up the west coast of Norway, you'll soon reach Stavanger, the largest city in south-western Norway. Stavanger is the perfect starting point if you want to experience famous natural attractions such as Preikestolen and Lysefjorden.

In the coastal area of Jæren you will find some of Norway's whitest and longest beaches and the area is also a paradise for water sports. The city itself also has much to offer and as the former European Capital of Culture, Stavanger has a wide range of museums and a vibrant cultural life.

The mountain

Departing from Stavanger and continuing along the west coast of Norway, you'll reach Bergen after a while. Bergen may be Norway's second largest city, but it still has a cosy small-town feel with its traditional wooden houses and surrounding mountain landscape.

An obvious destination when visiting Bergen is the UNESCO-protected Hanseatic Port, which has been a trading post for a thousand years. Bergen is also a real student city, so there's always something going on. So there's always even an exciting concert or art exhibition to visit.


In the middle of Norway's west coast lies Trøndelag, a region that offers both culinary experiences and outdoor pursuits. Here you can fish, cycle or enjoy the local culinary culture, which places great emphasis on locally produced ingredients.

Trondheim, the region's largest city, offers a wide range of culinary experiences and you can find everything from cosy cafés to Michelin restaurants. If you're looking for further gourmet experiences, a visit to the UNESCO-protected mining town of Røros is recommended. Here you can combine a well cooked meal with interesting history.


In northern Norway, you'll find the Lofoten archipelago. When you visit this region you will be shocked by the wonderful landscape with its massive mountains, deep fjords and idyllic sandy beaches. In addition, the region offers amazing natural phenomena.

From late May to mid-July you can enjoy the northern lights and the midnight sun, while from September to mid-April you can see the astonishing northern lights. The wildlife here is also absolutely stunning with mighty sea eagles and killer whales. Lofoten is also working to become a sustainable destination, which means that they strive to offer travellers rewarding experiences while preserving the local nature, culture and environment.


Driving a little further north, you'll come to Tromsø, also known as the "capital of the Arctic". If you want to discover epic nature and go on a whale safari, you've come to the right place.

There are also great hiking trails nearby and in Lyngenfjord you can go on idyllic summit walks between the mountains. If you're interested in Sami culture and history, Karasjok and Alta are also recommended.

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