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Charter Motorboat Frauscher Fantom 858 Augustow
Discount offer

Frauscher Fantom 858 (2014)

With a skipper

From €500 per day

Charter Motorboat GLASTRON 18` Augustow

Motorboat GLASTRON 18` 125hp (1988)

With or without a skipper

From €250 per day

Charter Sailboat OSTRODA YACHT Jantar 21 Augustow

Sailboat OSTRODA YACHT Jantar 21 6.20m (2008)

With or without a skipper

From €57 per day

Charter Jet ski Seadoo Spark Augustow

Jet ski Seadoo Spark 90hp (2017)

Without a skipper

From €350 per day

Charter Motorboat GLASTRON 17' Augustow

Motorboat GLASTRON 17' (1986)

Without a skipper

From €250 per day

Where can you sail in Podlaskie?

In the Podlaskie Voivodeship, all sailing enthusiasts will undoubtedly be delighted by Augustów, one of the most popular destinations in Poland, known for its wide range of water sports. If you choose a boat rental in Podlasie and start your cruise in Augustów, you can sail on the numerous lakes surrounding the city. In the Augustów administrative unit itself there are the lakes Necko, Rospuda, Białe Augustowskie, Studzieniczne, Sajno and Sajenko. They are connected by numerous canals and the Netta River, so you can go around them at will and go around the entire city.

What is there to see in Podlaskie?

Podlaskie Voivodeship offers a wide range of attractions, including many charming natural places. One of the most famous attractions that every visitor to the region should visit is the Bialowieza Forest. This national park offers a breathtaking diversity of flora and fauna and allows every visitor to feel a special connection to nature. If you decide to rent a boat in Podlasie, you can also visit other national parks such as Biebrza National Park and Wigry National Park. For those who prefer city sightseeing, we particularly recommend the voivodship's capital, Bialystok and the smaller but charming Suwalki.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Podlaskie Voivodeship?

The price of renting a boat in Podlasie depends on many factors, such as type of boat, manufacturer, model, date of construction, etc. Prices also vary depending on the owner (private or professional) and depending on the season. The total cost of the rental also depends on whether you choose the option with or without a skipper. Also take into account additional fees that are not included in the price, e.g. B. Fuel costs, port fees or cleaning.

The prices for boat rentals in Podlasie on Click&Boat start from:

  • Sailboat rental: from 60 €/day
  • Motor boat rental: from 250 €/day
  • Rental of other watercraft: from 350 €/day

Boat rental with skipper in Podlasie

Do you want to rent a boat but don't have the appropriate boat license? Or are you dreaming of a boat trip where you can relax and hand over the helm to a well-trained and experienced helmsman? Do not worry! With Click&Boat you have the option of renting a yacht with a skipper who will take responsibility for navigation throughout the entire trip. The skipper is not only a boating expert who can introduce you to the secrets of sailing, but also an expert in the area. He will undoubtedly recommend the most interesting places and the best restaurants and tell you local stories by showing you the region from the deck of the ship!

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