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Bayliner boats can be found on Click&Boat in the most diverse ports around the world. The Bayliner shipyard has won the hearts of thousands of boating enthusiasts with its practical, reliable, and high-performance models.

Our Bayliner boats

Boat Bayliner Vr6

Bayliner Vr6

Boat Bayliner Vr5 Cuddy

Bayliner Vr5 Cuddy

Boat Bayliner Vr5

Bayliner Vr5

Boat Bayliner Element E5

Bayliner Element E5

Boat Bayliner Vr4

Bayliner Vr4

Boat Bayliner Rendez Vous 2650

Bayliner Rendez Vous 2650

Boat Bayliner E5

Bayliner E5

Boat Bayliner Element E7

Bayliner Element E7

Boat Bayliner 175

Bayliner 175

Boat Bayliner 652 Cuddy

Bayliner 652 Cuddy

Boat Bayliner E6

Bayliner E6

Boat Bayliner Element 16

Bayliner Element 16

Boat Bayliner Element 5

Bayliner Element 5

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Bayliner is especially appreciated by families who want to buy their first boat, and has a world-renowned line of motorboats and motorboats. Known for its high-tech factories, the brand's focus is on simple but customizable configurations. The reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness offered by Bayliner motorboats are responsible for the notorious success of models such as bowrider, sales champion and reference in family leisure and water sports. Other models such as Ciera and Capri make up the first line of Bayliner's motorboat fleet.

Bayliner is also about the history of the boating industry. The brand was the first to sell boats that manufactured both the engine and trailer. Although this practice is now standardized, these items were previously sold separately. With its affordable and innovative prices and packages, Bayliner is largely responsible for starting the democratization of access to the sea, a value shared with Click&Boat.

To make the most of your vacation, Click&Boat puts a fleet of motorboats and motorboats around the world within your reach. Whether on the French Riviera, Lisbon, Cascais or Setúbal, a Bayliner boat means complementing your trip with all that the sea offers: the feeling of freedom, the privileged views and the refuge of the most frequented places in favour of beaches, caves and deserted coves. In Bayliner's case, boats also become the ideal way to experience the adrenaline rush of water sports. The wakeboard is perhaps the most famous example, but depending on the destination, a dive between corals to meet the local marine fauna becomes indispensable.

With the help of our dedicated team, choose the ideal boat and destination for your holidays and turn your dreams into reality! 

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