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Boat Rental Zodiac

Zodiac: Reliability and Tradition

Nicknamed the "4x4 of the seas", Zodiac boats will be your perfect companion for an escape out on the water- no matter what the adventure your planning!

Our Zodiac boats

Boat Zodiac Medline Ii

Zodiac Medline Ii

Boat Zodiac Pro Open 550

Zodiac Pro Open 550

Boat Zodiac Pro Open 650

Zodiac Pro Open 650

Boat Zodiac Medline 500

Zodiac Medline 500

Boat Zodiac Medline 750

Zodiac Medline 750

Boat Zodiac Medline 580

Zodiac Medline 580

Boat Zodiac Medline Sundream

Zodiac Medline Sundream

Boat Zodiac Cherokee

Zodiac Cherokee

Boat Zodiac Medline I

Zodiac Medline I

Boat Zodiac Club 750

Zodiac Club 750

Boat Zodiac Medline 2 Compact

Zodiac Medline 2 Compact

Boat Zodiac Pro 7

Zodiac Pro 7

Boat Zodiac Pro 550

Zodiac Pro 550

Boat Zodiac Pro 500

Zodiac Pro 500

Boat Zodiac N-zo 700 Cabin

Zodiac N-zo 700 Cabin

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Zodiac, the "backpacker of the seas", will follow you in all your adventures out on the water. Whether on a family trip to a remote island, on an adventure full of extreme sports like wakeboarding and water-skiiing, or enjoying a relaxing cruise, a Zodiac yacht charter will be your ally.

With over 120 years of unparalleled experience, Zodiac boats are built robust and tough.

Lightness, stability and practicality are the key words of the 4x4 of the seas! Your boats can be fast while maintaining a comfort-oriented design. They are also spacious and ideal for trips among friends or with family in large numbers. These semi-rigid boats are light and shock-resistant because they have floats that also serve as shock absorbers for maneuvers in the harbour. Built with state-of-the-art materials, Zodiac boats also offer great safety to passengers.

For a pleasant ride under the French sun or for an escape snorkeling and swimming off the Italian coast, a Zodiac is always ready to handle the next adventure! 

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