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2004 - 2024
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Hoist the sails thanks to the private yacht charter in The Bahamas with Click and Boat. Aboard the yacht of your choice, with or without skipper, you'll be able to sail to the destination of your dreams. Aboard a motorboat or a sailboat, take advantage of the water sports offered to you: water-skiing, wakeboard, paddle… and more.

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Number of motorboats:20 motorboats available
Types of motorboats:with or without a skipper
Average price: €1,876 per day
Minimum price: €200 per day
Maximum price: €11,055 per day
Manufacturers:Pacific Craft, Dufour, 21

Frequently Asked Questions about The Bahamas

What is the difference in price for a motorboat rental in the high season versus in the low season in The Bahamas?

The prices for renting a motorboat in the high season in The Bahamas are around €2,339 per day, while in the low season they average at €1,949 per day.

What is the average daily cost for a skipper in The Bahamas?

The cost of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the boat owner. In The Bahamas, the average price is around €816 per day.

Does the cost of renting a motorboat in The Bahamas cover fuel expenses?

Unless otherwise specified, fuel is usually not covered in the motorboat rental fee. However, in The Bahamas, 11 boats have fuel included in the rental price.

How long is the average motorboat in The Bahamas?

The average motorboat in The Bahamas is 11 meters long. The smallest boat is 6 m long, while the longest motorboat measures 21 m.

Which motorboat manufacturers are most popular in The Bahamas?

The most popular motorboat brands in The Bahamas are Pacific Craft and Dufour.

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