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How much does it cost to rent a party boat?

The price of a party boat rental depends on several factors. The most important are the place where the boat is located, its model and type, its size, engine power, capacity or additional equipment and services. 

What else can affect the price of a rental? The month in which you plan your boat event will also be of great importance. Bookings during the summer peak season tend to be more expensive than those in the spring or fall. Often, by deciding to book early, you can also count on discounted prices. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the owner in advance. Thanks to our platform, you can rent a party boat for as low as €75/day!

Top destinations for a party boat rental

Party aboard a boat in the United States 

What place would be more inspiring to enjoy a day or night of partying with friends than Miami? Whether it's for a birthday, an unforgettable New Year's Eve, or just a barbecue Sunday with friends and family, take a tour of Miami on board! Party at a sandbar, sunbathe overlooking Miami Beach, or raise a champagne toast with the sunset of the South Florida coast in the background!

Go on to conquer Ibiza

Ibiza is not only one of the most beautiful islands in the Balearic archipelago, but also the most famous Mecca of summer clubs and parties. Could there be a better place for an outdoor party boat rental? Definitely not! Stunning Ibiza will delight you and your guests, and not only with its nightlife. The island also offers fabulous beaches, great Mediterranean weather and picturesque coves where you can stop for snorkeling or water sports.

Italian-style boat party

The Italian coast, with its archipelago of wonderful islands, is another sunny destination for an unforgettable rental experience. Sail into one of Italy's famous cities and spend your special day surrounded by the blue Mediterranean Sea!

The Greek archipelago is calling you!

Choose Greece and discover all that the seas around you have to offer! Enjoy a special day aboard a party boat and feel the charm of celebrating important occasions at the foot of the sunny Greek islands. Drop anchor near beautiful beaches, secluded coves, or unique moorings in charming coastal towns. Greece and a party boat rental are a perfect combination!

Discover enchanting Croatia

Or why not choose to rent a boat on one of your favorite islands in sunny Croatia. Our wide range of party boats allows you to organize your special day anywhere. Feel the wind in your hair, smell the sea, feel the sun on your skin and discover the freedom of chartering a boat. Book your party boat now at Click&Boat!

Renting a party boat: 5 reasons to say yes!

  • Fun - above all, renting a boat is always fun! Take your backpack on board and head out into the sun. Enjoy this special day on board. Lots of laughter and excitement ahead!
  • Unique - is there anything that beats a party on a yacht? Invite your friends for a day on a party boat, and organize an unforgettable event. No doubt, you will surprise everyone with this super original idea!
  • Adventure - combine a celebration with an exciting adventure! Explore new places, throw yourself into water sports or dive into crystal clear waters. Climb aboard and choose a route towards new adventures!
  • Memories - a day full of excitement is also a day full of unforgettable new memories, provided by the unique experience that only a party on water could provide.
  • Comfort - organizing an event aboard a boat does not mean giving up comfort. On the contrary, on our party boats you will find spaces adapted for smaller and larger groups, often equipped with comfortable sofas, tables and large decks where you can relax. All you have to do is choose the right type of boat to suit your plans and needs.

Renting with a skipper and crew

With Click&Boat, the leading boat rental service, you can rent a party boat with a professional skipper and/or crew. With an experienced captain on board, you can fully engage in the fun, with complete peace and safety! 

Planning meals? No problem - use the services of the crew, chefs and more, who will make sure that neither you nor your guests are always well served. Doesn't that sound like a perfect plan? Yes, and that's not all. Your ship's crew can also be your local experts, to show you the best beaches, coves, and towns in the area that are off the beaten tourist path. The skippered charter option is also a great option for those without the necessary nautical license.

Come aboard with Click&Boat

Trust over 99,000 reviews from our satisfied users and organize an absolutely unforgettable cruise with Click&Boat! On our platform, you will find more than 41,000 boats of different types, models and sizes, all around the world. So you can easily find the right boat for your needs, plans and budget! No license? This is no reason to give up your dream of a day at sea. Choose to rent a boat without a license, or use the services of a professional skipper. With Click&Boat, everyone can enjoy carefree moments on board. See for yourself how easy it is!

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Party boat rental with Click&Boat

Do you want to organize an unforgettable day or night on board? Then you have come to the right place! With Click&Boat you can easily find the perfect party boat rental. Enjoy the company of friends and family during a unique event on a yacht!

Organize a party your guests will never forget. Make this day even more perfect and rent a party boat with a captain and crew, professionals who will take care of all the details and your comfort during the cruise. Climb aboard and enjoy moments of pure happiness on the water with your friends and family!

What occasions are worth renting a party boat for?

Bachelor party, birthdays, team buildings, wedding anniversaries ... every occasion is good to celebrate! And thanks to a party boat rental, these special dates are sure to be unforgettable. Be original and surprise your guests with a day or a night aboard a yacht full of attractions, sights, and lots of fun! A party on a boat is always a good idea.

Reserve in just a few steps!

Are you afraid that organizing a special day on board will be too much work? With Click&Boat, it is possible to book your desired boat in just a few, easy steps! All you need to do is search for available party boats and submit a booking request to the owner.

Do you have questions or doubts? Use our free internal messaging system, and consult directly with the boat owner. Our team of advisors is also available, and will be happy to recommend the best boats, routes or additional services, useful for organizing an event on board. Come aboard with Click&Boat and set sail for a new adventure!

Where to rent a party boat? Thanks to Click&Boat, there are many possibilities! Check out our users' favorite destinations:

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