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Boat hire in Newcastle with Click&Boat

If you’re looking for a laid-back holiday surrounded by beautiful scenery and friendly locals, Newcastle in Australia is the place to be. Newcastle or “Newbie” as it is known by locals is the second oldest city in Australia and is located only two hours north of Sydney. Although it’s treated as a day trip destination from Sydney, Newcastle has so much to offer! Whether you’re visiting Newcastle for one of its stunning beaches, iconic street art, or soothing ocean baths you won’t be disappointed. Embrace a slower pace of life with a boat hire in Newcastle, and sail around this striking city!

What is the cost of a private boat near me?

The price of a yacht charter in Newcastle is dependent on a number of factors such as time of year, the number of people on board, and the type of vessel you are looking to hire. Below are some average prices of a boat hire in Newcastle by boat type.


A motorboat hire in Newcastle costs about £240/day for 6 people.


A catamaran hire in Newcastle costs about £44,064/week for 44 people.


A houseboat hire in Newcastle costs about £4,027/week for 12 people.

What can you see and do on Newcastle boat trips?

  • Newcastle is a charming metropolis with so much to see and do for nature lovers and city dwellers alike! Here are some of our favourite things to do on your Newcastle boat hire.
  • Swim at one of Newcastle’s world-class beaches like Nobby’s Beach, and see the emblematic Newcastle Lighthouse! Pet parents will be happy to know that there are dog-friendly beaches like Horseshoe Beach, where you’ll see other animals wading in the water and even horses strolling on the sands!
  • Break away from the rough tides at the beaches and opt for a relaxing dip at one of the ocean baths such as the popular Merewether Baths or Bogey Hole, the oldest pool in New South Wales.
  • Exercise your sea legs with Bather’s Way coastal walk which extends from Nobby’s Headland to Glenrock Reserve. If you’re lucky, you’ll even spot some dolphins!

What is the best time to rent a boat in Newcastle?

Newcastle in Australia has a maritime climate which means that it is characterised by rainfall throughout the entire year. If you want to rent a boat in Newcastle, the best time to do so would be between January and May or August and December, when rainfall is at its lowest. If you want hotter weather, aim to visit Newcastle in January when the highest average temperature is 27°C and water temperatures can reach up to 26°C.

Boat hire in Newcastle with a skipper!

At Click&Boat we have a variety of options for hire. If you’ve got a license to sail you might prefer a bareboat rental in Newcastle but even for experienced sailors, we recommend a hire with a skipper on board. In order to have the most relaxing holiday possible, you should opt for a skippered vessel as skippers handle everything like docking, anchoring, and navigating the boat. There are many benefits to having a skipper on board but perhaps the biggest advantage is that skippers are usually locals who are happy to help show you around and take you to some of Newcastle’s hidden gems. It’s basically like having a private tour guide! What more could you ask for? For the holiday of a lifetime get a boat hire in Newcastle.

What type of boat is best for a yacht charter in Newcastle?

Want to rent a boat in Newcastle but unsure of which one to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you want a shorter holiday, consider a motorboat hire. Motorboats are good options for a quick getaway because they are usually hired by the day and they can go fast, helping you see everything in no time. For longer holidays of more than a week, we recommend a more spacious and comfortable vessel, such as a catamaran which can accommodate all of your needs as well as those of family or friends. If you’re travelling to a river or a lake, a houseboat is sufficient and they usually have heat on board in case you’re sailing in the off-season. Whichever vessel you choose, you can never go wrong with a yacht charter in Newcastle!

Good to know

Number of boats:20 boats available
Types of boats:Houseboat, Motorboat, RIB
Average price: £83 per day
Minimum price: £83 per day
Maximum price: £500 per day
Manufacturers:Lagoon, Nautitech, and more

Frequently Asked Questions about Newcastle

How much does it cost to hire a boat in Newcastle for a day?

The average cost of hiring a boat in Newcastle is around £83 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between £83 and £500 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Newcastle?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Newcastle, you can expect to pay an average of £100 per day for a skipper.

What are the most popular boat manufacturers in Newcastle?

The most popular boat manufacturers in Newcastle are Lagoon and Nautitech.

Can I add equipment like snorkel gear, SUP boards or a wakeboard to my boat charter in Newcastle?

Many owners offer various extras that you can add to your booking in Newcastle. This can be for example Cold pressure under pressure, VHF or Sink.

Can you hire a boat in Newcastle without a license?

In Newcastle there are 2 boats that you can hire without a license. You can also hire many boats with a skipper.

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