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boat hire in Bodrum · Turkish Gulet Builder — Ketch (1989)


 (3 reviews)

With Crew
Belediye Liman Bodrum (bodrum Centre Opposite Starbucks)
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Gulet owned by Aegean Blue Cruise
16 people
 · 6 cabins
 · 16 berths
 · 6 bathrooms
Aegean Blue Cruise
With Crew
A professional crew will be present on board the boat
Fuel is included in the price
The cost of fuel is included in the charter price.

Description of Aegean Blue Cruise's gulet

Gulet Turkish Gulet Builder Ketch 22m

Discover your own untouched paradise with a boat charter! 🏝️ Book in advance and save 💡 More availability and better prices! Experiencing the most beautiful sea route in Turkey on a traditional Turkish gulet is the greatest privilege of a boat charter. Aegean Blue Cruise provides an opportunity for valued guests to see the best bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and natural islands and to swim in the clear blue sea. Experiencing the Aegean coast by car is never the same as navigating through and around it. Whilst in the car you see a limited number of places, however, on a boat, you can visit very special places throughout the coastline and places that offer natural beauty and history. Enjoy the blue landscape, immerse yourself in the turquoise waters, watch the sunset, and practice water sports. Aegean Blue Cruise offers a special holiday option where you can have all these moments and experiences while enjoying yacht life. On the gulet, the captain and his crew welcome you and brief you on the boat, equipment, and safety. While onboard, it is important to bring the necessary and sufficient items. Marine clothing, goggles, hats, sun creams, and rubber-soled shoes are a priority. Proper footwear for visiting seaside towns and bays, the right clothing for cool nights, and a camera for memorable moments are essential. The cabins have been carefully decorated and equipped so guests can sleep comfortably. These areas should be used and left very tidy. Bathrooms must be left clean, the rubbish must be thrown into the containers. Hygiene on the boat is guaranteed by the crew. At Aegean Blue Cruise, water use is very important. Although there is enough water in the reservoirs, proper use goes a long way. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared according to your requirements previously agreed upon at the time of booking and all are freshly prepared. Spend your time onboard relaxing, swimming, or having fun practicing your favorite water sports. We have Sea scooters, towable Ringo, paddle boards, and canoes for customer use with an extra fee. FOOD: All costs for food requirements would need to be paid in cash whilst on board at the time of arrival. -For daily trips, there's a cost of 30€ per person that includes lunch with soft drinks. -For overnight trips, there's a cost of 70€per person per day. This includes a traditional Turkish breakfast with one tea or coffee, Lunch, and Dinner with a Mediterranean menu. -All our food is organic and freshly bought from the local village market to offer you the best ingredients possible cooked every day on the boat by our resident cook. -To offer you the best experience, we offer a traditional Turkish breakfast and a Mediterranean menu with fresh fish, chicken, vegetables, and other meat options. -We do not aim to make a profit from the food. The food is mandatory with the booking and paid separately. We do not sell individual meals. -A month before your trip the captain will contact you about any special dietary requirements, like allergies, intolerances, or if you need vegetarian or vegan options. DRINKS: Soft and alcoholic drinks are sold on the boat, however, you can bring your own drinks. Please let us know beforehand if you’re bringing your own drinks or buying them on the boat. See what customers think of our service by checking our social pages.

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Equipment available on the gulet

Dinghy's motor
Paddle board
Towable Tube
Snorkelling equipment
Diving equipment
Fishing equipment
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Services provided by Aegean Blue Cruise

Life jacket
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Port charges
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Bodrum Gulet Turkish Gulet Builder Ketch alt tag text
Bodrum Gulet Turkish Gulet Builder Ketch alt tag text
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August 2023

Unfortunately our experience left much to be desired. The boat was well priced, but we were overcharged for extras excessively so felt like we were constantly being nickeled and dimmed. Not the feeling you’re looking for while on vacation. We booked the boat for 3 days/3 nights in August 2023. When we reserved months earlier, they told us we could bring our own food but not drinks, and that drinks would be "reasonably” priced. We agreed. However, a month before the trip, they informed us we had two options for food: paying €65/person-day for meals or paying €65/person-day to bring our own food for them to cook. This means they charged €65 regardless, even though the reservation stated service was included. To avoid conflict, we accepted. Upon arrival, we were allowed to bring some outside liquor but not water or other drinks. We were therefore forced to buy tiny bottles of water during the entire trip - this just felt wrong, both for our wallets and the environment. Each water bottle was €1.50, somewhat pricey but reasonable if it was a normal size. This was not the case, each bottle was tiny, 20cl, so everyone had to buy 15 euros worth of these tiny bottles each day to stay hydrated. This just felt wrong, especially considering water isn’t a luxury but a basic human right needed to stay alive - we wouldn’t have mind being gouged for beers or cokes but the tiny bottles of water was too much. Meanwhile the crew on the boat had multiple 5 gallon jugs of water on board. They said this wasn’t enough for us but several were full bottles were left at the end of the trip. In spite of multiple requests to at least serve us water with meals none was made available to us. Additionally, since the boat includes fuel, they try to optimize its use, resulting in a limited route with mostly motor, there weren’t even sails on the boat. As a positive note, the boat is well-maintained and offers many optional extras (paddle boards, kayaks...). Regarding the crew, some individuals are friendlier than others. In conclusion, we wouldn't recommend it. We’ve spent many summers renting boats, and I believe it's worth paying a bit more for another boat that allows you to bring your own food and drinks - at a minimum water!

Aegean Blue Cruise
Aegean Blue Cruise
August 2023

I am fortunately we can not recommend Carlos as a customer. since the group got on board they refused to pay the security deposit even though this is one of the booking conditions. when they booked the boat we made it clear that drinks whilst on board were charged separately, yet after departing they demand that all drinks be free. we allow them to bring their own drinks on board as a gesture of goodwill, but they demand bottled water free of charge. they didn't respect the captain's advice regarding a safe place to visit. they demand it to be taken to a notorious and dangerous spot disputing safety concerns arguing they pay for the boat and therefore we had to take them where ever they wanted. Tru out the trip we try to make them feel comfortable and compliant with their demands but this left us not wanting to accept a new booking from Carlos.

August 2023

Aegean Blue Cruise
Aegean Blue Cruise
August 2023

Ana's group was a pleasure to have on board they were all very respectful and we'll be very happy to have them on board again.

June 2023

Aegean Blue Cruise
Aegean Blue Cruise
June 2023

respectful, friendly had a nice time with them. they're welcome anytime in the future. Thank you

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Aegean Blue Cruise

Offered by Aegean Blue Cruise

Joined in April 2019  ·  Professional owner


 (3 reviews)

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Languages spoken: English
Response time: Within a day
Response rate: More than 95%


Location of the gulet: Belediye Liman Bodrum (bodrum Centre Opposite Starbucks), Bodrum

Location of the gulet: Bodrum


Manufacturer: Turkish Gulet Builder
Model: Ketch
Year: 1989 (Refitted in 2021)
Onboard capacity: 16 people
Number of cabins: 6
Number of berths: 16
Number of bathrooms: 6
Length: 22m
Width: 6m
Draft: 3.2m
Engine power: 335hp
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Hire price
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Check-in & check-out

Check-in time (day rental): 10:00
Check-out time (day rental): 16:00
Check-in: 15:00
Check-out: 10:00

Rules for the boat

Amount of security deposit: £440
Fuel included in price: Yes

Cancellation policy

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