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Where to sail in Hong Kong

If you are searching for a yacht to charter in Hong Kong online, you are on the right website! You will discover on our platform a large choice of yachts and motorboats with or without a captain to enjoy a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

With more than 40,000 yachts online, Click&Boat is a private yacht charter service giving the opportunity to owners to return on investment their yacht and to people to find yachts at competitive prices. Search for your boat by checking the description of the different yachts ads. Then, send a message to the yacht owner in order to ask the questions you need or to book the yacht at the period you selected.

How much is it to do a boat hire in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong boat rentals vary in price depending on several factors. The price depends on the type of boat, characteristics of the boat and additional services and equipment that may be included in the price. For example, a yacht charter in Hong Kong for 16 passengers, 2 cabins and 2 bathrooms is £3,027 per week.

What is there to see in Hong Kong?

When you rent a boat in Hong Kong, you get t see the symbolic centre of the city! A boat charter in Hong Kong is the kind of experience that you won’t want to miss. With everything from afternoon tours of the city, sunset cruises and seeing the iconic Victoria Harbour, you will enjoy the impressive skyline and coastal lines with this unforgettable experience.

Experience a private boat hire in Hong Kong to get away from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant fast pace hub. Plan the boat trip in Hong Kong and explore the hidden islands and coves, tranquillity f the ocean and the amazing hospitality! This is family-friendly as well as a great team-building experience for groups!

Enjoy boat hires in Hong Kong the best way possible! Book quickly and explore places like Ap Chau, Soko Islands, Kat O, and Peng Chau.

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