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What is there to see when you charter a yacht in the Hamble-Le-Rice?

Off the coast of Hamble-Le-Rice you will find many incredible sights of natural beauty that you can enjoy from the comfort of your boat rental. Many choose to begin by heading to Durdle Door. Durdle Door is a natural arch carved out of the limestone cliffs over many years. It has a really nice beach too and is really popular with both domestic and international tourists. Just a couple of minutes up the coast is Lulworth cove - a beautiful beach and cove with amazing waters to swim in due to the sea's narrow entrance to the cove. The Isle of Wight is also only a short distance away and is perfect for those who want to both spend their entire experience staying on the boat or to visit small towns. The Isle of Wight has lots to see, such as The Needles, but the most popular towns on the Isle of Wight for sailing visitors are Cowes and Newport.

When is the best time to visit Hamble-Le-Rice?

Hamble-Le-Rice is somewhere that you can visit all year round due to its moderate weather that is not extreme in either summer or winter. The UK has a reputation for being miserable and wet all the time but this is somewhat a myth. No, the UK does not get incredibly hot and sunny weather, but it isn't always raining and it is never shockingly cold either. However the weather is definitely temperamental. It can be sunny one second and raining the next so make sure you pack an anorak! If you prepare for the weather then it definitely will not ruin your trip. As always with chartering a boat you should bring a windproof and waterproof jacket and things to keep you warm at night when temperatures drop. And even during the colder weather, the beautiful British landscapes can be even more appealing when coated in snow - so photogenic! So do not worry about when is the best time to visit Hamble-Le-Rice and instead focus on how you are going to spend your time here!

What is included in a yacht charter in Hamble-Le-Rice?

Yacht charters in Hamble vary considerably in boat type, length of time and price of the charter. For those who have a sailing license, bareboat charters are available and for those who don't then you can hire a yacht that comes with a skipper and even a crew. It is completely normal to hire a boat through Click&Boat that includes a captain to tour you through the waters and lots of our listings include added or optional extras too. From snorkelling and diving equipment to jet-skis and wakeboards.

Charter a yacht in Hamble-Le-Rice with Click&Boat.

Are you looking for a boat hire in Hamble-Le-Rice at an affordable price? Look no further than Click&Boat - the market leader in online boat rentals. You can hire a boat in the UK with or without a skipper depending on your boating experience and qualifications. Bareboat yacht charters are available for keen sailors with qualifications but if you have no prior experience then do not hesitate - hire a boat with a captain to show you all of the perfect spots. Just contact the boat owner via Click&Boat`s messaging tool to arrange your trip.

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Yacht Charter in Hamble-Le-Rice

Hamble-Le-Rice is a small town on the south coast of the United Kingdom that is only a 20 minute, 7 mile, drive from the major sailing hub of Southampton. It is a popular yachting and sailing location due to its geographical location on the Solent and easy access into the English Channel that then leads to the Bay of Biscay or the Atlantic Ocean.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Hamble-Le-Rice?

Click&Boat have boats to rent in Hamble-le-rice for every kind of budget. From sailboats and yachts to motorboats and RIBs, find something for your budget with Click&Boat through a free personal adviser who will provide you with a free quotation. You can rent a sailboat from £ 80 / day up to £ 800 / day for a top quality sailboat. If you want to have a longer sailing vacation then you can charter a boat from £ 1200 / week up to £ 11000 for luxury yacht charter. The price of your sailboat charter will also depend on a few varying factors. The size and age of the vessel, the duration and time of your charter as well as whether a captain, crew or any extras are included - these are just a few of the variables that will alter the price of your charter. Be sure to directly message the boat owner via the Click&Boat platform to ensure that the boat owner knows exactly what you want to experience and so that the price is clear.

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