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Azimut - Luxury and comfort

Azimut Yachts is an Italian yacht manufacturing company founded in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli.

Beginning with the chartering of sailboats, the company has rapidly developed into a key player within the luxury yacht industry.

Our Azimut boats

Boat Azimut 55

Azimut 55

Boat Azimut 68

Azimut 68

Boat Azimut 46

Azimut 46

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Azimut 62

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Azimut 43

Boat Azimut 50

Azimut 50

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Azimut 40

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Azimut 47

Boat Azimut Atlantis

Azimut Atlantis

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Azimut 39

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Azimut 52

Boat Azimut 66

Azimut 66

Boat Azimut 34

Azimut 34

Boat Azimut 100

Azimut 100

Boat Azimut Flybridge

Azimut Flybridge

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Azimut Yachts is the world's largest yacht and megayacht manufacturing network and a world leader in the luxury motor yacht industry. The company currently owns Benetti, another luxury yacht building company. In addition to Benetti Yachts, the group includes world-renowned leading brands such as Azimut Yachts, Azimut Grande, Atlantis, Fraser Yachts, Lusben, Marina di Varazze and Royal Yacht Club Moscow, offering customers a wide range of yachts: from motorized 30-foot Atlantis sports models to 70-meter superyachts and absolutely exclusive masterpieces by Benetti.

Recent years have not only been successful for the company, but have also provided an occasion for several celebrations. In 2019 the company celebrated its 50th anniversary. In 2020 the Azimut Benetti Group is the 20th consecutive winner in the world ranking of shipyards, the Global Order Book 2020, which means that the Italian group has overtaken manufacturers worldwide with the construction of 101 yachts with a total length of 3535 meters.

Paolo Vitelli, President of the company, is proud of the company's achievements and commented on the victory: "Our longstanding success is due to our constant efforts to develop and improve our yachts and production processes, where the attention to design, innovation and technology, as well as the quality of our employees ...". Azimut has been able to build its own yachts, defining new styles and industry standards that have since revolutionised yacht building: large frameless windows, electric seats and luxurious walnut interiors.

On the Click&Boat platform you will find a wide range of models of this brand such as Azimut Atlantis, Azimut Flybridge, Azimut 60, Azimut 86 and many others. Yachts of this brand are available for charter in the Cote d'Azur, Miami and many other destinations.

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