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Ranieri: A superior level of reliability and comfort

Ranieri International focuses mainly on the production and marketing of sports and recreational boats. Ranieri is known for its well-constructed open polyester sport boats and RIBs.

With years of experience, Ranieri is a close-knit family business and selects only the best materials on the market from around the world.

The Italian top brand Ranieri International, has already shown in recent years to be very innovative. Whereas at first the company only produced console boats, and now since 2014, Ranieri International has developed a fantastic line of RIBs, entirely in style and class of the console boats. 

Our Ranieri boats

Boat Ranieri Voyager 19 S

Ranieri Voyager 19 S

Boat Ranieri Soverato

Ranieri Soverato

Boat Ranieri Azzura 500 Open

Ranieri Azzura 500 Open

Boat Ranieri Shadow 22

Ranieri Shadow 22

Boat Ranieri Shark 19

Ranieri Shark 19

Boat Ranieri Voyager 17

Ranieri Voyager 17

Boat Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport Touring

Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport Touring

Boat Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring

Ranieri Cayman 23 Sport Touring

Boat Ranieri Voyager 22

Ranieri Voyager 22

Boat Ranieri Voyager 21 S

Ranieri Voyager 21 S

Boat Ranieri Cayman 21 Sport Touring

Ranieri Cayman 21 Sport Touring

Boat Ranieri Shadow 20

Ranieri Shadow 20

Boat Ranieri Marvel 19

Ranieri Marvel 19

Boat Ranieri Cayman 18 Sport Touring

Ranieri Cayman 18 Sport Touring

Boat Ranieri Voyager 23 S

Ranieri Voyager 23 S

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The Ranieri line currently consists of 5 different models. Voyager, Shadow, Next, CLF and Cayman. The boats have a sleek appearance thanks to their design and that is because almost all shapes and lines in the hull and interior are smooth and rounded. The boats are called console boats because the steering position is usually in the middle of the boat.

The RIBs of Ranieri International fall under the Cayman models, consisting of 14 different models. A characteristic of their RIBS are their polyester bottom, just like Ranieri's console boats. 

Ranieri International is a family business at heart. This is clearly reflected in the accuracy and care for details per model. Years of experience and a life fully dedicated to the factory shipyard have led to the creation of beautiful models that, together with speed and manageability, have achieved a superior level of reliability, structural strength and, above all, comfort.

Would you like to hire a Ranieri boat? Our team of experts is at your disposal to organize your own cruise. Your online request will be processed shortly, and one of our advisors will contact you by e-mail or by phone. 

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