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Why rent a fishing boat?

In general, renting a boat for leisure or vacation is always a good idea. Feeling the motion of the waves, the sun on your skin, and the wind on your face, there is nothing that better represents that feeling of freedom that we seek in our spare moments.

For fishing lovers, this is no different! On the contrary, this contact with nature is what we seek when we think of a quiet afternoon of fishing. To get away from it all, to test your skills (and patience!), to try new lures, new spots, new materials, there is always something exciting and at the same time relaxing about fishing.

Renting a boat for fishing means that you can enjoy this activity any time of the year, anywhere in the world, with your friends or family on board, and without spending too much! You don't have to own a boat to enjoy a day of fishing, and Click&Boat helps you find the ideal boat for your leisure and vacation!

If you are a sport fishing lover, Click&Boat is the best place to fulfill your vacation wishes! Find fishing boats anywhere in the world, quickly and securely, settle all rental details directly with the boat owner and get aboard!

How much does it cost to rent a boat for fishing?

The cost of renting a fishing boat can vary greatly, depending on several factors, such as the type of boat, model, power, capacity, location, time of year, equipment included, and even the boat owner himself. Fortunately, Click&Boat offers a diverse fleet of boats, so it is possible to find the ideal boat for your travel plans and budget.

  • For a powerful RIB hire in the Mediterranean, the starting price is at £260/day.
  • For a speedboat with higher sides and a covered cabin, expect to pay around £390/day.
  • The average cost of a center console fishing boat in the United States is about £730/day.

Browse through our page to discover our offer of boats and book yours now!

Check out some of our favorite fishing destinations below:

Where to practice sport fishing?

For true fishing enthusiasts, it doesn't matter the place, but the experience! Any place in the world can provide us with a good day of fishing, whether in fresh or salt water. But if you are already planning your next vacation, and want to include some fishing moments in your itinerary, you have come to the right place! Check out some of our suggested fishing destinations below:

  • Boat Rental Bahamas: Considering the size of the Bahamas, this archipelago is world renowned for its sport fishing. There are more than 700 islands to explore, and the country already holds more than 50 world titles in the sport. Find marlins, ubaranas, swordfish and much more, and the best part, the climate allows this adventure 365 days a year!
  • Boat Rental Sicily: It may not be the place that comes to mind when you think of fishing, but Sicily offers much more than meets the eye for sea lovers. From inland lakes, cliffs and coves to the open sea, fishing is possible anywhere in Sicily. One of the most popular programs is night fishing for squid, so here's a tip for your boat rental in Sicily.
  • Boat Rental Miami: Renting a boat in Miami is always a great idea, but especially if you are a fishing enthusiast. Florida, in general, is a fishing territory par excellence, even offering exclusive species of fish for sport fishing: sailfish (yes, like boats) or sailfish. Set out for a day of deep sea fishing in Miami and find tuna, wahoos, billfish, and crabs as well, then watch the sun set over one of the most colorful coastlines in the world!

Whatever destination you have in mind, Click&Boat has a fishing boat waiting for you. Just browse through our catalog and choose your destination, the dates of your trip, and voila, our entire fleet will open up in front of you. Then just use the filters on the left side of the page to best select your boat based on its capacity, size, power, shipyard or price.

So come aboard!

Do I need a boat license to hire a fishing boat?

The need for a license really depends on where you are going:

  • In Brazil and Portugal, for example, you cannot rent a boat without the necessary license.
  • In Spain, you can rent sailboats without a license as long as they are up to 6 meters long, and speedboats up to 5 meters long and 15hp of power.
  • In France, you can rent sailboats without a license, but speedboats can only be rented if they are less than 5 meters long and have 6 horsepower.
  • In Italy, on the other hand, you cannot rent a sailboat without a license, but you can rent speed boats with up to 40 horsepower.

But if your intention is to enjoy a day of fishing, nothing could be better than renting a boat with a skipper!

Click&Boat has already solved that for you too: just choose to hire the services of a professional skipper on your boat rental! Thus, an experienced sailor will guide the boat while you, your family and friends enjoy the thrill of deep-sea fishing!

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