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Yacht charter in Perth!

Perth, Western Australia’s capital and largest city, lends itself to a great boating experience with your friends or family. For example, with a yacht charter in Perth you can sail along the magnificent Swan River, an experience that fishing or water sports lovers will particularly appreciate. The view of the city’s impressive skyline from the deck of your boat will take your breath away.

Perth is a modern city with all facilities and amenities that can make a boater’s life easier. Take a tour of Elizabeth Quay, home to a splendid waterpark and several cafes and restaurants – the perfect place for a fun day out in Perth! At Kings Park, one of the largest inner city parks in the world, you will enjoy great views of the Swan River.

Explore Rottnest Island

If you charter a yacht in Perth you will also have the opportunity to discover one of Australia’s most popular boating destinations: Rottnest Island, a protected nature reserve famous for its sandy beaches and beautiful coves. You won’t see many cars on this idyllic place. The island’s tranquillity will allow you to recharge your batteries.

Charter a yacht in Perth via Click&Boat’s platform

You can now charter a yacht in Perth in a few clicks and at a surprisingly low price. On Click&Boat, a leading boat hire platform, you can charter a yacht in Perth any time of the year. You will find on the platform all types of yachts to charter in Australia and all over the world, from classy sailboats to modern motorboats, luxury yachts and comfortable catamarans for family trips. You can even charter a yacht in Perth without a skipper if you hold the necessary licence and you are an experienced sailor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Perth

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Perth for a day?

The average cost of renting a boat in Perth is around €8,237 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between €200 and €14,700 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Perth?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Perth, you can expect to pay an average of €100 per day for a skipper.

How many people can sleep on a boat in Perth?

A boat in Perth has on average 6 berths. You can find boats with up to 7.2 berths.

What is the average length of a boat in Perth?

The average length of a boat in Perth is 23 meters.

What is included in the cost of a boat rental in Perth?

The price of a boat rental in Perth typically includes amenities such as Cockpit table, GPS, VHF etc.

Good to know

Number of boats:20 boats available
Types of boats:RIB, Motor Yacht, Motorboat
Average price: €8,237 per day
Minimum price: €200 per day
Maximum price: €14,700 per day
Manufacturers:Jeanneau, Beneteau, and more
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