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Motorboat Coral 33C FULL 2022 350hp (2022)

From €400 per day


Motorboat Real Real class 31 (2009)

From €420 per day


veleiro delta 36 (2013) muito confortável (2013)

From €284 per day


Sailboat Yatch Fast Fast 395 12.2m (1991)

From €200 per day


Catamaran Robert Dotta Indiana 41 12m (1999)

From €410 per day


Catamarã para eventos no Rio de Janeiro para 60 pessoas (2017)

From €1,445 per day


Gulet Gulet 50 15m (2000)

From €565 per day

Discount offer


From €590 per day

 1 · Private

Enjoy a motorboat tour in the paradise Angra dos R (2016)

From €120 per day


Sailboat Brasilia Nautica Spring 25 8m (1994)

From €229 per day


Sailboat Delta Yachts 41 12.6m (2012)

From €331 per day


Motorboat Triton Yachts Sport 280hp (2019)

From €315 per day


Motorboat Fast Yacht Senna 48 1100hp (2001)

From €850 per day


Motorboat Curtir no Paraiso Runner 38 400hp (2002)

From €3 per day


Motorboat Blujoi Power Cat 40 Luxo 400hp (2005)

From €830 per day


LANCHA FOCKER 240 OPEN - 2016 (2016)

From €360 per day

 1 · Private

Explore Costa Verde at your own pace with your Mot (1996)

From €230 per day


Real Powerboat 31 feet (2007)

From €500 per day

 7 · Private · Super owner

Yacht Charter in Brazil with Click&Boat

With more than 8 million square kilometres, 4 time zones, 26 states (+ Federal Districts) and a history that gathers characters from all over the world, nothing represents Brazil more than its diversity. With more than 7 thousand kilometres of coast, nautical tourism in Brazil is one of the most diversified in the world. From the golden sands of the extreme northeast, through the paradise beaches of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, to the picturesque beaches of the south. We are talking about a country that keeps in itself the ability to embrace all its tourists and travelers in a special and personalized way.

Getting to know the Brazilian coast by boat is a unique experience, an opportunity to get to know the details of the diverse Brazilian culture in total freedom. With a boat rental it is not necessary to wait in line or sacrifice your favourite sights for lack of time or space on the agenda. By renting a boat directly from the owner, through Click&Boat, you can choose your own itinerary and schedule and still share the fun with family and friends! Come aboard to check out our best Brazilian destinations for an unforgettable boat tour!

How much does a yacht charter in Brazil cost?

At Click&Boat we offer a variety of boats that cover all travel budgets! A boat for 10 people in Brazil costs from €300/day, and the value of the rental can always be divided among the crew of the tour! In Brazil, our offer includes boats and sailboats that cost from €300/day to €400/day, catamarans and luxury yachts that can vary from €400/day to €3000/day! All travel wishes and budgets are considered at Click&Boat, so check out our fleet right now and book your boat now to experience the Brazilian Coast in an unforgettable way! 

Don't have a sailing license? No problem! Just rent a boat with captain and enjoy the trip without worry!

Already want to come aboard?

So, what are some of our favourite Brazilian destinations for a boat rental?

To start off on the right foot, how about a boat tour of the Wonderful City? The city of Rio de Janeiro is well known for its parties, carnivals and the little we see on TV, but in reality it is much more than that. Guanabara Bay, for example, is one of the most beautiful in the world, and may be the starting point of your next sailing trip along the coast of Brazil. Besides having the opportunity to see the famous beaches of Rio (Copacabana, Ipanema, Barra da Tijuca etc) in a super unusual way, from Guanabara Bay you can have a spectacular view of Sugar Loaf, Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer, not to mention the possibility to watch the sunset at Arpoador Beach right from the deck of your own boat! For the more adventurous and surf lovers, it is worth going to Praia do Pontal or Praia de Itacoatiara (in Niterói) to catch some waves!

Now on the Green Coast of Rio de Janeiro, our next stop is Angra dos Reis! More specifically starting with Ilha Grande, the largest and most famous island in the municipality of Angra, which holds 365 islands! Starting at Lopes Mendes Beach, which is one of the most popular in Angra dos Reis and one of the most beautiful in the country, followed by the wonderful Caxadaço Beach, more hidden than the others, or the beautiful Pouso Beach or Praia do Aventureiro. To escape from the excitement, Jaconema Beach and Dois Rios Beach are among the quietest in the region.

Gipóia Island, closer to the city centre, is home to the famous Praia do Denstista, which with its calm and crystalline waters is home to fun for all tastes. Do you travel with children? Do you want to practice water sports like wakeboard or water-ski? Do you just want to take a dip and sunbathe? This beach is a must stop.

The Botinas Islands offer an even more paradisiacal look, if you can imagine. Its crystal clear waters reach up to 10 meters deep, a must-see place for those who want to go snorkeling or diving and meet the native fauna and flora of the region!

Still on the Green Coast of Rio de Janeiro, it is essential to talk about the charming city of Paraty. Among the tours required to know Paraty well, the boat tour is for sure the most fun! Call your friends and rent a boat to know all the beaches and islands of the region, especially Praia do Sono and Praia dos Antigos, not to mention a super unusual tour to Saco do Mamanguá, maybe even a trail to Pico do Pão de Açúcar. Enjoy the boat ride to know also the surrounding islets, such as the Cotton Island and Cutia Island.

If your desire is to take a tour of the Brazilian coast from north to south, we suggest you not to miss Cacimba do Padre, in Fernando de Noronha, one of the best places to enjoy the day in calmness Praia do Espelho in Porto Seguro, a place with a paradisiacal appearance and the most powerful energy in Brazil; Jericoacoara, a place that looks like a movie set, with its dunes, sands and natural pools, and many other beaches and surreal coves that deserve to be in your list!

A country formed by nature, culture and a lot of character opens its doors for you to know all its corners. The best way to travel from island to island and beach to beach? By boat! The immense variety of landscapes of this place will not pass a second without wanting to know more, regardless of if your interest is for a sunny day, the practice of water sports, the exploration of natural beauty and unique marine life, Click&Boat offers boats and equipment for tours of all kinds!

What types of yacht can you rent in Brazil?

All types of yachts are available for charter in Brazil with Click&Boat!

Motorboats and semirigids are perfect types of boats for faster, usually day trips. They are compact boats that offer great maneuverability and generally, speed, that is, they offer an infinite variety of activities! From coastal tours, water sports, access to the most remote beaches and coves, or shallow waters, everything is possible on board a motorboat!

To sail in total freedom and authenticity, a sailboat is the best choice. Feel the waves of the sea, the breeze on your face, study the winds and the tide, do the maneuvers and raise the sails, a lot of work comes with sailing a sailboat, but the experience is worth it!

Family holidays require space, and none of the above boats offer more space than a catamaran. A multi-hull sailboat, the catamaran distributes its weight, and space, between two hulls, making it not only more spacious, but also lighter and more stable. In other words, perfect for quiet family sailing!

Renting a yacht is the apex of luxury in your navigation! Perfect for getting to know the Brazilian Coast with everything you're entitled to. Space and comfort of home, spacious sun deck, flybridge for a priceless view and much more!

How to charter a yacht in Brazil with Click&Boat?

Chartering a yacht in Brazil with Click&Boat is very easy! Our platform offers all kinds of boats that your trip around Brazil could ask for, and in a safe and affordable way! Ready to go?  Access our site and use our search tool to filter your searches. Choose the type of boat, the size, the capacity, your budget, arrival and departure dates and that's it! Check if the ideal boat for your trip is available! Then just click on book and pack! Use our internal message box to talk directly to the boat owner: ask questions about the boat or the destination, get all the details right and get on board! If you need help in the rental process, just contact our expert team through the "Help" page, or contact our customer service directly. 

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