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Yacht charter in Grand Cayman with Click&Boat

If you’re looking for a dream-like escape for your next holiday look no further than Grand Cayman, a tropical paradise in the heart of the Caribbean! It is the largest of the three Cayman Islands and is famous for its crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches and vibrant marine life. Relax and unwind on the soft, white sands and sail along the azure waters with a yacht charter in Grand Cayman. Snorkel and dive in the colourful coral reefs, discover the island’s rich nautical heritage of boat building and fishing and enjoy a slower pace of life surrounded by lush, natural beauty.

Are you ready to start creating unforgettable memories? Charter a yacht in Grand Cayman and have the sailing holiday of a lifetime.

What is the price of bareboat charters near me?

The price of a bareboat charter in Grand Cayman will depend on different factors. Things like the time of year, the number of passengers on board the vessel and the size and type of vessel that you choose will all affect the price of your yacht charter in Grand Cayman. Below are some average prices by boat type.


€1,105/day for 10 people.

What can you see and do in Grand Cayman with a boat rental?

A yacht charter in Grand Cayman grants you access to the best parts of the island and the surrounding areas, all of which offer a wealth of things to see and do. Here are our recommendations to add to your travel itinerary.

  • Go to the beach: Grand Cayman is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, and each one has its own unique charm. Seven Mile Beach is the most famous and is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting the island. Other top beaches include Rum Point, Smith's Cove and Governor's Beach. The beaches offer a diverse range of activities from sunbathing to practising watersports such as stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing and sea kayaking!
  • Exercise your sea legs: Grand Cayman may be a small island, but it has several parks and nature reserves that are worth exploring. See indigenous flora and fauna, colourful parrots and the endangered blue iguana at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. You can also hike along the Mastic Reserve and Trail to see the largest tracts of native vegetation remaining on the island as well as mangrove swamps and wetlands.
  • Go diving: Diving enthusiasts won’t be disappointed as the island is a world-renowned diving destination, and there are many amazing dive sites to explore. The most famous is the wreck of the USS Kittiwake, which is now an artificial reef teeming with marine life. Other popular dive sites include Stingray City, the Coral Garden and the Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman. Discover the vibrant coral reefs surrounding the island and get acquainted with fish, turtles and stingrays!
  • Experience the culture: The island has a rich cultural heritage that is worth exploring. The Cayman Islands National Museum is a great place to learn about the island's history, culture and wildlife. Other important cultural attractions include the Pedro St. James National Historic Site, the Bodden Town Mission House and the Cayman Islands Folk Arts Centre.
  • Sail to nearby destinations: Grand Cayman is located in the heart of the Caribbean and is surrounded by other beautiful islands that can be reached by boat. Some popular nearby destinations include Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, which are both known for their stunning natural beauty and world-class diving. Other nearby islands that can be visited by boat include Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

What is the best time to rent a boat in Grand Cayman?

The best time to embark on a yacht charter in Grand Cayman is during the dry season, which typically runs from December to April. During this time, the weather is generally sunny and dry, with lower humidity, average temperatures of 27°C and little rainfall. The sea is also calmer, which makes for smoother sailing conditions.

 If you're looking for a quieter sailing experience, you may want to consider visiting Grand Cayman during the off-season. This typically runs from May to November and is characterised by higher temperatures, more frequent rain showers and occasional storms. While the weather can be unpredictable during this time, the upside is that there are fewer tourists around, and you’re likely to get better deals on Grand Cayman boat rentals.

Yacht charter in Grand Cayman with a skipper!

Skippers are nautical professionals that will enhance the quality of your sailing trip. Want to sail but don’t have a licence? Not to worry! With a skipper on board your Grand Cayman boat rental, you won’t have to think about anything but having a good time. Skippers will navigate, dock and anchor the vessel for you and because they are locals of the area, they can take you to see some of the most sought-after sights on the island, and hidden gems that most tourists don’t know about.

See everything on your sailing itinerary and enjoy the luxury of a personalised sailing experience with a skippered yacht charter in Grand Cayman!

What type of boat is best for a yacht charter in Grand Cayman?

When you’re planning a yacht charter in Grand Cayman it is important to choose a vessel that will accommodate all of your needs and help you fulfil your travel goals. For short getaways, we’d recommend a daily charter such as a RIB or a motorboat, as they are fast vessels that will help you see the island in a short amount of time. If you are looking for a longer holiday with family or friends we’d recommend a more spacious and comfortable vessel such as a catamaran or a yacht. These vessels are stable and they include amenities on board such as a kitchen, bathroom and cabin so you can spend all of your time on the water without worry!

For a more traditional sailing experience, there’s no better vessel than a sailboat, however, these vessels can be notoriously challenging to navigate so we always recommend choosing one with a skipper for added security.

Good to know

Number of boats:20 boats available
Types of boats:Motorboat, RIB, Catamaran
Average price: €1,105 per day
Minimum price: €200 per day
Maximum price: €1,658 per day
Manufacturers:Marinello, Bavaria, and more

Frequently Asked Questions about Grand Cayman

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Grand Cayman for a day?

The average cost of renting a boat in Grand Cayman is around €1,105 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between €200 and €1,658 per day.

Is it possible to rent a boat with skipper in Grand Cayman?

It is possible to rent a boat with skipper in Grand Cayman. On Click&Boat, there are 5 boats in Grand Cayman where a skipper is available. However, please note that this comes at an additional cost, which is on average €100 per day.

Can I add equipment like snorkel gear, SUP boards or a wakeboard to my boat rental in Grand Cayman?

Many owners offer various extras that you can add to your booking in Grand Cayman. This can be for example MP3 / USB socket, Camera or Banana.

How many cabins does a boat have in Grand Cayman?

Boats in Grand Cayman have an average of 2 cabins. If you travel with a large group, you can book boats with up to 3 cabins.

How many people can fit on a boat in Grand Cayman?

The maximum capacity for boats in Grand Cayman is 12 persons. Note that if you rent a boat with skipper, they also count to the number of people.

Charter a boat near Grand Cayman

In Grand Cayman, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

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