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Charter Motorboat Thomas Vergina Thasos Regional Unit
Thasos Regional Unit


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You would like to find a private yacht charter in Thasos Regional Unit? You will discover on Click&Boat a diverse selection of yachts with or without captain to enjoy a wonderful holiday with friends and family. With more than 40,000 yachts online, Click&Boat is a boat hire platform giving the opportunity to owners to return on investment their yacht and to people to find yachts at competitive prices. Search for your boat by checking the characteristics of boat offers available on our platform. Then, you will be able to contact the yacht owner in order to ask all the questions or to book the yacht available in Thasos Regional Unit.

How much does boat charters in Thasos Regional Unit cost?

boat charters can be from 45€ to 2,440€ in Thasos Regional Unit. In addition to the destination, other factors such as the boat's age, size, and capacity should be considered.

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Driving a boat at sea is a great experience and it's good to get you into places that maybe with smaller kids would be harder, or not available.


We have cruised the south, southwest coast of the island! The anchorage close to Skala Marion village, behind Kefalas cape was unique. Turquoise blue water with great visibility! View to Mt.Athos was amazing. Notot beach is a great spot as well. Especially swimming in the small lagoon formated in the rocks. All in all, a great day!


A great place to visit! We cruise on the south- southwest part of the island. Notos beach is amazing with its turquoise blue waters! St.Nicholas beach which is reachable only by boat is amazing. Its view to Mt.Athos along with the crystal clear waters is a worth seeing combination! You shall not miss it!

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