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Yacht charter in Cozumel, Mexico

The Island of Cozumel off Playa del Carmen on the Mexican coast is an undersea paradise. Its marine-rich Mesoamerican reefs are like a live underwater garden full of colorful sea plants and creatures including dolphins and sea turtles. This island has numerous scenic white sand beaches as well as cenotes: freshwater caves and sinkholes that you can explore if you charter a yacht in Cozumel. Due to the proximity to the sea, Cozumel’s cenotes are mostly filled with sea water but these water-sculpted caves are still excellent for swimming. Most of the Island's attractions are on or underwater so a yacht charter in Conzumel puts you right in the center of all the action.

Dive into an Underwater Art Gallery

The Island of Cozumel has an underwater Museum or Museo Subacuático de Arte. The art featured consists of numerous sculptures and statues submerged on the sea floor. It is estimated that there around 500 life-size sculptures. Sunk for the purpose of promoting coral life, much like shipwrecks do. The only way to view the art is by snorkeling or scuba diving or by submersible. This is nature’s very own Art Gallery.

Snorkel at Chankanaab National Park

This Eco Park derives its name from the ancient Mayan language meaning ‘Small sea or ocean’. The name alludes to the natural lagoon at Chankanaab. The Park hosts many marine activities for visitors, primed at demonstrating conservation through innovate shows and storytelling. The submerged statutes and sculptures of Chankanaab provide shelter for stonefish, scorpion fish, trigger fish, tang fish as well as a variety of lobsters, crabs and octopuses. A boat rental in Cozumel is perfect to explore the secret sea caves of Chankanaab.

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