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The authenticity of Portugal in Sesimbra

Ideally situated between Lisbon and Setúbal, Sesimbra will allow you to discover all the authenticity of Portugal between two of the country's largest cities. A destination comprising nature reserves and idyllic beaches within easy reach of the capital, this is a must-see trip for those visiting the Lusitanian capital!

With a sailboat or catamaran, sail along the Arrábida Natural Park to admire its cliffs and reach Cape Epischel. In terms of beaches, while some will enjoy a good time relaxing at Galapinhos Beach, others may prefer to sail a little further afield and reach Lagoa de Albufeira, where the environment is more conducive to surfing.

Take the time to extend the trip to the Troia peninsula and be amazed by beautiful sand dunes and fishing villages. A little further up the coast, in the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, with any luck your boat will be accompanied by dolphins along the way: a magical and unforgettable moment!

On dry land, walking through Sesimbra will take you to Praia do Ouro and Praia da California. Don't miss the Fort of Santiago and its 16th century walls. Over the fort, the view of the sunset over the Atlantic is unique!

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Meet Sesimbra, one of Portugal's greatest secrets, by boat!

Sesimbra really is a place you have to see to believe, a mixture of paradisiacal beaches and untouched dense nature. We are talking about a place that exists and lives through the sea, be it for its fishing culture, seafood gastronomy or its reverence for the nature that surrounds it.

Check out with Click&Boat some places to visit on your boat tour of Sesimbra :

  • Starting with the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, a collection of mountain ranges, rare species, heavenly beaches and centuries-old castles, this is one of Portugal's most beautiful treasures. Its natural beauty seems untouched, its beaches clean and secluded, this place is ideal for a boat trip in total privacy and tranquillity. Some of its must-see beaches are:
  • The Portinho da Arrábida, technically in Setúbal, but worth the visit. This little corner of blue sea and total isolation seems to us the perfect place to start your boat trip.
  • The Ribeira do Cavalo Beach, the Cova da Mijona Beach, the Coelhos Beach and the Penedos Beach, beaches that are super difficult to access, and therefore, are usually empty and untouched, looking almost wild. Of course, for those who arrive by boat, the experience is much easier and quieter.
  • The Galapinhos Beach is one of the most famous in the country, and you can soon see why. A cove of deep, crystal clear blue waters and golden sand surrounded by the green of the mountains. Like much of the region's beaches, its appearance is wild and evokes the feeling of peace and quiet, ideal for a day out boating.
  • The Galapos Beach is a good ask for those wishing to spend the day sunbathing, because of its long, golden sandy beach. The sea and sky of this beach blend into a single intense (and unbelievable) blue, for the clearest landscape in the region.
  • For those looking for a beach with more structure and support, Figueirinha Beach, already practically in Setúbal, is a good ask. A good idea for those travelling with children, due to its large sandy beach and calm waters.
  • Outside the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, the beaches are no less impressive and also worth a visit:
  • For the curious, Praia dos Lagosteiros, near the Cabo Espichel Sanctuary, another beach that is difficult to access (but not for those going by boat!), hides ancient dinosaur footprints and traces, as well as a stunning view of the Atlantic.
  • Following the coast of Sesimbra, after the quina of Cabo Espichel, we reach a region of more intense and choppy waters, perfect for the adventurous on duty. Praia das Bicas and Praia da Foz are two wonders of clear waters and large sands, but with waves and stronger currents, much sought after by surfers and windsurfers. Here's the tip!
  • For those looking for more structured and urban beaches, maybe travelling with children or just want some extra comfort, Praia do Ouro and Praia da California have calm and clean waters, being some of the first in the region to have not only the Blue Flag, but also the Accessible Beach Flag, to include those with reduced mobility in the fun!

The best part of a private boat hire is that you don't have to follow pre-arranged itineraries. With the help of our list above, choose some of the places that impress you most in Sesimbra, include some cultural and gastronomic stops, make your itinerary and climb on board!

What kind of boat is it possible to rent in Sesimbra?

At Click&Boat it is possible to find a complete fleet of boats for dream holidays in Sesimbra!

  • If you travel with the intention of practicing water sports like wakeboarding, water-skiing, diving, or if you simply wish to be able to reach several beaches and coves in one day, renting a speedboat or a semi-rigid is ideal! These boats are ideal for short trips, besides being small, compact and fast, perfect to reach hard-to-reach places or shallow waters!
  • For family (or solo) holidays in total freedom and authenticity, rent a sailboat in Sesimbra! Study the winds and the tide, feel the breeze of the Portuguese coast, the movement of the waves on the high seas, absolutely unforgettable! Allow yourself to live this exciting adventure aboard a sailboat!

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