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Boat Rental Capelli

Due to consistent quality, innovation, and a forward-thinking team, Capelli has become a leading brand around the world in small to medium-sized boats. 

If you are looking for a RIB or motorboat to zip around an island, anchor at a secluded creek, or to enjoy water-skiing, wakeboarding, and other watersports, then Capelli is your 'go-to' brand for summer fun!

Our Capelli boats

Boat Capelli 17

Capelli 17

Boat Capelli Tempest 470

Capelli Tempest 470

Boat Capelli Tempest 605

Capelli Tempest 605

Boat Capelli Tempest Br65

Capelli Tempest Br65

Boat Capelli 19

Capelli 19

Boat Capelli Tempest 560

Capelli Tempest 560

Boat Capelli 21

Capelli 21

Boat Capelli Tempest 430

Capelli Tempest 430

Boat Capelli Tempest 400

Capelli Tempest 400

Boat Capelli Tempest 550

Capelli Tempest 550

Boat Capelli 23

Capelli 23

Boat Capelli 20

Capelli 20

Boat Capelli 18

Capelli 18

Boat Capelli 520

Capelli 520

Boat Capelli 600

Capelli 600

More information about the Capelli brand

Born out of Spinadesco, in Northern Italy in 1974, the Capelli Boatyard has since evolve over the last 45 years. Davide Capelli who founded the company started out by building flat-keel riverboats out of fiberglass. He was later joined by his sun, Umberto who began designing new models intended for use in competitions. In 1992 their story's turning point came when Capelli decided to focus on producing inflatable boats with a fiberglass base. 

Fast- forward and today, Capelli produces 29 different models of rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) and 16 models of fiberglass boats. In the RIB division, Capelli has produced a Fishing Line, a Work Line, an Easy Line (very simple models), a Luxury Line, and the Top Line. The Top Line offers their Tempest models which have become very popular in the boating world! In the Boat division, enjoy the Osia Line, the Dino Line, the CAP Line, and the Freedom Line.

The company's dedication to quality, through using high quality materials, like teak and stainless steel and their team's devotion in time and effort toward the quality of each boat's finish, have not gone unnoticed by the public. 

During the summertime in the Mediterranean, you will see plenty of the Tempest, CAP, and Freedom models exploring the coastlines in search of the perfect beach to anchor for the day. Because these boats are accessible in most places and are rather simple to operate, people have been enjoying the Capelli brand for years now. 

Are you ready to find the best Capelli model for your next vacation? 

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