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Boat Rental Quicksilver

Quicksilver: The ultimate fun! 

Do you want to spend a day at sea in style, with family and/or friends? Would you like to enjoy water sports, fishing or a relaxing day trip? On Click&Boat, there is always a Quicksilver boat that will meet all of your expectations!

The strength behind Quicksilver models lies in the great experience of designers, engineers and architects, who together create versatile, exclusive models that meet every need.

What about technology and quality? The Quicksilver brand doesn't disappoint here either! How about getting on board and trying it out for yourself?

Our Quicksilver boats

Boat Quicksilver Activ 675 Open

Quicksilver Activ 675 Open

Boat Quicksilver Activ 555 Open

Quicksilver Activ 555 Open

Boat Quicksilver Activ 605 Sundeck

Quicksilver Activ 605 Sundeck

Boat Quicksilver Activ 505 Open

Quicksilver Activ 505 Open

Boat Quicksilver Activ 755 Sundeck

Quicksilver Activ 755 Sundeck

Boat Quicksilver Activ 675 Sundeck

Quicksilver Activ 675 Sundeck

Boat Quicksilver Activ 455 Open

Quicksilver Activ 455 Open

Boat Quicksilver 635 Commander

Quicksilver 635 Commander

Boat Quicksilver Activ 875 Sundeck

Quicksilver Activ 875 Sundeck

Boat Quicksilver Activ 755 Open

Quicksilver Activ 755 Open

Boat Quicksilver 550 Commander

Quicksilver 550 Commander

Boat Quicksilver 555 Commander

Quicksilver 555 Commander

Boat Quicksilver 600 Commander

Quicksilver 600 Commander

Boat Quicksilver Activ 805 Open

Quicksilver Activ 805 Open

See more information about the Quicksilver brand

Distinguished by a V-shaped hull, Quicksilver boats guarantee of stable, safe and high performance boating.

Discover over 30 different boat models from the shipyard on Click&Boat, all equally well equipped, designed with style, with great attention to functionality and safety.

Are we talking about models? Impossible not to mention the Activ series, characterized by its sundeck, cabin, cruiser, central console and variable length between 4.55 and 8.55 meters.

Let yourself be tempted! Come and discover it!

With a length similar to the Activ, ranging from 4.55 to 9.05 metres, the Capture is also worthy of mention, ideal for fishing enthusiasts or for those who, even on board, do not want to give up space and comfort.

Are you looking for a Quicksilver boat? Access the many offers available on Click&Boat and plan a few days of relaxation and fun with the whole family!

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