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Charter Gulet Caicco 20m Riposto

From €1,586 per day

Charter Gulet Caicco 23 metri MG Castellammare di Stabia
Discount offer
Castellammare di Stabia

From €3,500 per day

Charter Gulet Goélette Unique Hyères

From €300 per day

Super owner
Charter Gulet Goletta 24 metri DD Castellammare di Stabia
Discount offer
Castellammare di Stabia

From €2,429 per day

Charter Gulet Custom Custom Ibiza

From €4,000 per day

Charter Gulet bodrum goletta Messina

From €643 per day

Capo d'Orlando

From €1,651 per day

Where can I charter a gulet?

At Click&Boat you can choose from a variety of options for your gulet charter. Gulets are available on our platform in the following destinations:

Spend unforgettable moments aboard a fabulous gulet, admiring the transparent sea with every shade of blue.

Turkey is undoubtedly the most popular place for gulet charters, as this traditional Turkish vessel is loved by local sailors and visiting tourists alike. If you are having trouble deciding which gulet is right for you, our expert staff is always on hand to assist you with your booking! They will be happy to guide you towards a gulet that suits your needs. Also, don't forget that the boat owner can advise you on all the details of the itinerary, and can offer advice needed for chartering a gulet.

Ready for an unforgettable trip? Book a gulet for a week or two, and just enjoy the ride! And you'll love it, don't worry.

Advantages of chartering a gulet

Thanks to Click&Boat's convenient online service, you can choose a gulet for your dream vacation from a huge fleet of boats in the different cities of Turkey, the Greek islands and many Mediterranean countries. You can take a week-long cruise in Turkey to discover the most picturesque parts of the country and enjoy the luxurious beaches. And, of course, such a trip will take place in the atmosphere of antiquity and the traditions of the Ottoman Empire.

Because the gulet is a ship with spacious decks and multiple cabins, exquisite interiors and top-notch service, get ready for a first-class voyage of unparalleled luxury and comfort.

In addition, the capacity of this type of boat allows travelers to spend time on board in the company of family and friends. Click&Boat offers a wide range of gulets in many popular Turkish and Mediterranean ports, where you can rent yours quickly and easily. Choose the perfect schooner for your maritime adventure and embark on an enviable voyage!

Book a gulet with Click&Boat

Click&Boat offers more than 35,000 boats in over 50 countries around the world. In other words, thanks to our platform, you have a huge variety of gulets to choose from, as well as places where you can choose to climb aboard. A gulet vacation rental is ideal for a family or friend cruise of at least a week's duration. On board, there is always room to sunbathe after swimming in the crystal clear waters, to have breakfast or do yoga at any time of the day. As the gulet is a rather peculiar type of boat, the choice of this boat creates the feeling of a real beach break, with the contrast that one feels the need to visit several interesting places at the same time!

The cost of chartering a gulet will be a bit more expensive than renting a standard boat. But if your goal is to spend an original, relaxing and comfortable vacation that you will surely remember for the rest of your life, then the gulet is your best bet for this trip. 

  • On average, the price of a gulet charter ranges from €460/day to €930/day, depending on your needs. The rental price always includes the services of the skipper and the ship's crew, which is what makes this type of boat as comfortable as possible for travelers.

And why? You don't have to worry about preparing meals or cleaning the cabins! Another reason why chartering a crewed gulet is a great idea is the fancy and unconventional itineraries. Who wouldn't want to travel to the most enchanting places in the country where the trip is planned in detail, thanks to the experience and knowledge of the vessel's skipper? Chartering a gulet allows you to discover places that tourists have never visited.

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Gulet Charter with Click&Boat: Hoisting the Sails

A traditional Turkish gulet is an authentic fairytale boat! Book the gulet of your dreams through Click&Boat and set off on an unbelievable journey across the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you want to sail on atypical seaside itineraries or experience the role of a crew member of the 16th century Turkish fleet, chartering a gulet allows you to experience the atmosphere of a long sea voyage. Schooners are usually rented for at least a week. And fair enough: in one week of sailing, you can embark on an adventure to see a great number of wonderful places, whatever your destination.

You can find gulet charters in many cities in Turkey, especially in the most popular destinations, such as Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye. You can also hire a gulet in Croatia or Greece, where this type of boat is a popular choice for cruises around the country.

Charter a gulet: boat details

At Click&Boat you can find a variety of gulets - big or small, old or new, from various shipyards. But chartering a gulet sure means luxury cabins, sophisticated interiors and unique itineraries. Plus, on board is a professional crew of sailors who will help you cruise in total comfort! The gulet is a boat worth renting for its antique atmosphere, to say the least.

Gulet-type boats are usually designed for leisurely sailings along the coast. And, of course, another unique feature of gulets is the spacious deck and abundance of cabins, which can accommodate a large group of up to 18-20 people. Another important feature of the gulet is the look of the boat. Who wouldn't want to be aboard a majestic wooden ship with a beautiful, huge deck? The gulet is a sailboat that catches everyone's attention - tourists on land, as well as tourists aboard the passing boats.

If you are eager to embark on an unbelievable voyage, book a gulet charter through the Click&Boat online platform and get ready for a sea of experiences as well as top-notch service and maintenance!

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