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Motorboat charter in Jamaica with Click&Boat

The tropical island country of Jamaica is located within the Caribbean archipelago and is known for its rich culture and landscape that comprises of lush mountains and pristine beaches. With so much to see and explore, is there any better way to visit Jamaica than by boat?

How much does a motorboat rental in Jamaica cost?

The price of a motorboat rental in Jamaica varies depending on many factors such as the seasonality, the size of the vessel, and whether it comes with or without a skipper. On average, a motorboat in Jamaica costs €3,500 per day throughout the year.

What is the climate like in Jamaica?

Jamaica has a tropical climate, meaning it is hot and humid all year round with average temperatures ranging from 26 degrees Celsius in February to 32 degrees in July and August. The best time to visit is typically between December and March because this is when Jamaica is the driest and sunniest.

Discover the beauty of Jamaica by motorboat

You will be amazed by the beauty of Jamaica all throughout the island. Here we have three key locations that are particularly popular.


The capital of Jamaica is where you are certain to find the liveliest atmosphere. Kingston is mainly a hub for urban life and transportation, so while there are beaches, these are not the most popular. Instead, you can take advantage of being in the centre of all things culture. We recommend you visit the Bob Marley Museum to learn about the late musician and take a deep dive into reggae music.

Montego Bay

This is known to be the tourism hub of Jamaica. Not only will you find a buzzing atmosphere filled with nightlife and music, but there are exceptional beaches in Montego Bay. If you want to see the clear water, head over to Doctor’s Cave Beach or Walter Fletcher Beach. Apart from soaking in the glorious sun on the silky white sands, you can dive into the waters from your motorboat! Montego Bay is famous amongst snorkellers and divers around the world for its exotic marine life as you can see various rainbow coloured fish and corals.

Ocho Rios

Finally, if you want to explore the tropical flora that Jamaica has to offer, you will want to visit Ocho Rios. This port town on the northern coast of Jamaica is famed for Dunn’s River Falls, a 232-metre-tall waterfall. Furthermore, you’ll be close to the vast landscapes that Jamaica has to offer, whether it be rainforest, wetland, or cave.

Should you rent a motorboat with or without a skipper?

If you decide to rent a motorboat with a skipper in Jamaica, it will likely come at an extra cost. However, a skipper can also add a greater value to your experience in other ways. For example, a professional skipper will be knowledgeable in manoeuvring the boat. This means that you can sit back and relax while they handle the sailing, docking, and anchoring. Moreover, their familiarity with the surrounding waters means that they can guide you into unique areas that only locals know about.

What nearby destinations can you visit from Jamaica?

Jamaica also makes for an ideal motorboat charter location because of how close it is to neighbouring Caribbean islands. If you find yourself with spare time on your holiday, you can take advantage of this proximity and head to one or more of these locations. Amongst these islands, you will find similar aquamarine waters but with variations in vegetation and cultures. The nearest islands around the Caribbean archipelago are Cuba, Haiti, The Cayman Islands, and the Dominican Republic. If you want to greater distances, you can even make your way south towards Colombia and Venezuela.

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