Sailing holiday

Sailing holidays in unforgettable places

Treat your family or friends to a holiday they'll never forget. Find your dream sailing holiday and cruise on a catamaran or sailboat! Book with a skipper and crew for the ultimate relaxing holiday!

Book a luxury cruise for a sailing holiday you won’t forget!

Sailing holidays in Greece

Visit the multitude of Greek cities and islands as you cruise through the sparkling blue waters.

From £500 per day

Sail in the BVI

Discover the magic of the BVI with your family and friends.

From £300 per day

Sail in Croatia

Discover the breathtaking islands of Croatia, a true paradise for you to share with your family and friends.

From £500 per day

Sail in the Ionian Islands

Marvel at the wealth of beauty and history in the Ionian Islands as you sail around the Ionian Sea.

From £300 per day

Sail in Spain

Discover the beauty of the Spanish coast and islands from the waves!

From £300 per day

Sail in the Sporades

Set sail in the Aegean sea and uncover the magic of the Sporades!

From £300 per day

Sailing holidays in the Caribbean

Sail one of the world's most famous seas, marvelling at its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches!

From £500 per day

Sail in the Mediterranean

Discover the wonderful islands, coves and cities of the Mediterranean, one of the most famous seas in the world.

From £300 per day

Sail in Turkey

Explore Turkey from the waves, discovering historic cities and incredible natural wonders.

From £300 per day

Sail in Ibiza

Sail in the Balearic's most famous island! Discover blissful coves, adventurous watersports, and hidden beaches.

From £300 per day

Sail in Italy

Discover the picturesque islands and cities that Italy has to offer. Live the Dolce Vita as you sail around the sea!

From £400 per day

Sail in Malta

Venture to the paradisiacal islands in the Maltese archipelago with your family and friends for the perfect holiday.

From £400 per day

Sail in Mallorca

Sail the waters of the largest of the Balearic Islands. Hundreds of coves and beaches await you.

From £300 per day

Sail in Gran Canaria

Sail around Gran Canaria, delighting in its stunning scenery and over 60 kilometres of beaches.

From £300 per day

Cruise catamaran and sailboat

Interested in a sailing holiday?

Our sailing advisors are at your disposal to organise the perfect sailing holidays.

Book a luxury sailing holiday you won’t forget!

Set sail on a luxurious sailing holiday in a catamaran or sailboat. Get a different perspective and visit all of your favourite places aboard. Some of the most beautiful destinations are only a few clicks away! Visiting places like Greece and Croatia will never be the same, with hundreds of islands to choose from, a sailing holiday gives you the ultimate freedom you are looking for. Or go island hopping in the Caribbean and enjoy some of the best surfing and snorkelling spots in the world. The options are endless! A sailing holiday is a unique experience, whether you decide you want to enjoy it with your family or friends aboard. Dive into an unforgettable experience!

Enjoy a sailing holiday with family, kids and friends

A sailing holiday is a great idea, whether you want to cruise in a catamaran or sailboat with your family, kids or friends. Click&Boat gives you a unique nautical adventure on your private boat. The boats are equipped with the necessary measures to make your holidays extra special and safe for children aboard. When choosing your cruise on a catamaran or sailboat, you can choose the boat that best suits you and your group! The best part? A private sailing holiday organised by your group means you can choose where to go, how long to stay there and add places along the way if you see fit. That way, you can decide all of the best activities suitable for your family and kids. Everything is more fun together!

Can I go on a sailing holiday with a skipper and crew?

Do you like the idea of a cruise in a catamaran but lack the experience or confidence on board to sail safely? No problem! At Click&Boat, a sailing holiday with a skipper and even a crew is not just possible but recommended. The skippers who accompany you on your nautical adventure have a lot of experience with navigating the waterways. They also have an intimate knowledge of the area where you want to go sailing, and can therefore customise the itinerary to take you to the most beautiful spots, as well as taking into account the individual interests of the different passengers. For an even more luxurious sailing holiday, you should hire your boat with a full crew. The crew will ensure that you have everything during your holiday so that you can fully relax on board the boat. There are, of course, separate sleeping quarters on board the boat for the skipper and crew, meaning that your party will still have the privacy required for a comfortable holiday. Are you keen to learn a little about sailing? No problem, a sailing holiday is also ideal for this! The skipper and crew can tell you everything you need to know about sailing a boat!

Should you choose a cruise in a catamaran or a sailboat?

A catamaran and a sailboat are two different boats that are both suitable for a sailing holiday. Everyone probably knows the sailboat best. Today's sailboats are specially designed for longer sailing holidays. There is a lot of space on board, with sleeping cabins, a bathroom, a galley, a seating area and of course there is storage space for your luggage so that you can stay on board the boat for a long time. On the deck there is of course the cockpit where the boat is steered, but also an area on the foredeck which is perfect for relaxation. Moreover, with a sailboat you can cover a lot of distance without fuel, which makes cruises in a sailboat even more attractive. Despite the large amount of space on board a sailboat, the boats can often still develop a considerable speed, which makes sailing an adventurous experience.

A catamaran resembles a sailboat but is different. A catamaran has a double hull, with a bridge in between. This has some advantages for your sailing holiday compared to a monohull sailing boat. First of all, the double hull ensures that there is more space on board. The cabins are located in both hulls and on the bridge, there is often a seating area and the galley. Outside on the deck is, of course, the steering wheel, but there is also a canopy to sit under. Often there is also a sundeck on the foredeck, in the form of two trampolines, or a lounge area. The double hull structure of the catamarans also allows the boats to enter shallower water, which offers increased accessibility to more areas. The other advantage is that the boat is often stable on the waves. As a result, you will not be bothered by the waves during your cruise in a catamaran and thus will be less likely to suffer from seasickness.

Whether you go on holiday with a sailboat or catamaran, both have their advantages. Both boats are suitable for a holiday on the water that perfectly combines adventure and relaxation.

What sort of holiday experiences are possible during a cruise on a catamaran or sailboat?

When you go on a cruise in a sailboat or catamaran, you naturally want to have fun experiences. We are happy to give you some examples of the exciting things you can expect to do when you go on a sailing holiday with Click&Boat. First of all, when you rent a boat, you have a unique opportunity to admire the coastal landscapes of a country from a completely different perspective. It doesn't matter where you are going; from the water, you can step away from the landscape to get a beautiful picture of your destination. Depending on your destination, a boat will also take you to places that are inaccessible by land, such as beautiful bays and hidden caves.

During your cruise on a sailboat or catamaran, don't forget to moor at one of the picturesque (historical) towns. Here you will be able to pick up souvenirs in a marketplace or enjoy a bite to eat or a quick drink in one of the local eateries. Soak up the local culture of the destination you want to discover and enjoy the local cuisine.

Depending on the boat you decide to rent, you may also be able to try out a water sport during your sailing holiday, whether it’s one you’ve always loved, or simply one you would like to try out. You can go swimming in crystalline blue waters, admiring the marine life all around with snorkelling gear, or even dive down into the depths on a scuba diving adventure. Some of the other water sports you can try out during a cruise on a catamaran or sailboat include wakeboarding, surfing, water skiing or jet skiing.

How much will a sailing holiday cost?

The price of a sailing holiday naturally depends on a number of factors. First of all, the type and the size of the boat affects the cost. In general, a cruise on a sailboat is cheaper than a cruise on a catamaran, for example, based on a number of different factors. In addition to the boat itself, the sailing season also influences the price. During the low season you benefit from extra low prices. In addition, the length of the rental affects the price. The prices given are based on a week. Enjoy a few days away on a boat holiday. Enter your desired destination and departure date on the website to get current price information.

What is included in the price of a sailing holiday and what do you usually pay extra for?

Typically, the base price of the sailing holiday only includes the boat hire and maybe the mooring fees in the port of origin. This means that you will usually also have to pay for the fuel, mooring fees at any other ports you stop off at, as well as the charter package, which typically includes necessities such as cutlery and crockery, a final clean and inspection of the boat to check for any damage. Water sports equipment such as jet skis, surfboards and snorkelling equipment also usually come at an extra price, although this is not always the case, so make sure you check with the owner of the boat exactly what is and isn’t included.

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