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Set sail in Turkey - The perfect sailing holiday

A sailing holiday in Turkey with a skipper and crew is a dream come true. On your cruise in a catamaran or sailboat you will find breathtaking destinations such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Istanbul and much more.

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Cruise on a sailboat in Turkey

A wonderful selection of sailboats for your sailing holiday in Turkey

Beneteau 54 2009 Captain And Chef (2009)


From £596 per day

Mavi Antalya Motoryacht (1994)


From £1,074 per day

This beautiful Deluxe Gulet is 26 M. and for 8 Guests (2007)


From £1,238 per day



From £1,282 per day

Bavaria Cruiser 45 (2022)


From £409 per day

Side vip boat (2015)


From £442 per day

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Cruise on a catamaran in Turkey

Browse our selection of catamarans to find your dream holiday experience

Catamaran Catana Group Bali 4.8 - 5 + 1 cab 14m (2023)


From £543 per day

Trimaran 26m Yacht with Captain, sailor and chef! (2016)


From £1,264 per day

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Best time to sail in Turkey

Turkey's sailing seasons lasts from May to October, with the peak being in July and August. In summer it gets up to 35 degrees and there is usually a constant Meltemi wind blowing between June and September. Although the best weather is usually during the peak summer months, we suggest going in either May or October if you want to avoid the tourists.

Places to visit in Turkey

Turkey has plenty of historic, vibrant cities for you to explore, some of the most beautiful being Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir. We recommend sailing along either the Turkish Riviera or the Aegean coast. If you want to sunbathe, there are plenty of beaches on offer to you, including Patara Beach and one uniquely placed in the breathtaking Butterfly Valley.

Top Tips for your Sailing Holiday in Turkey

With 8,300 kilometres of coastline and gorgeous seascapes, Turkey is the perfect destination for a sailing holiday. The four bordering seas - the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara - offer a wide variety of bays, beaches and gorgeous views. Discover the captivating coastal landscapes of the Turkish Riviera on your nautical adventure!

A sailing holiday in Turkey is bound to be full of memorable experiences, whether you're going with friends, family, or your significant other. Naturally, while some of the experiences you seek with the different parties will be the same, there are also some differences.

On a sailing holiday in Turkey with friends, you can add various water sports equipment to your boat hire and try your hand at a bit of waterskiing, snorkelling, windsurfing, or even scuba diving. If you’re setting sail with the kids, meanwhile, you should absolutely add some inflatable water toys to your charter, as they will provide hours of fun! If you’re heading off on a crewed voyage with your significant other, you should take the opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner for two onboard, as the sun sets over the idyllic landscape. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your trip is memorable and enjoyable for the whole party.

Destinations and sailing routes for your sailing holiday in Turkey

The list of dream destinations along the Turkish coast is endless. Countless breathtaking beaches, unique natural spectacles, millennia-old culture, picturesque places with a rich nightlife, cafes and bars - you can discover everything on a sailing holiday along the Turkish coast. Whether you are looking for secluded coves of unspoiled natural beauty or bustling beaches with all the amenities and activities you can imagine, you will find it on the coast of Turkey.

One of the most popular travel destinations for your Turkish cruise in a catamaran or sailboat is Bodrum in southwest Turkey. Built around two bays, the historic coastal city is characterised by its enticing combination of vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, unspoiled natural beauty and rich history. Visit the 15th-century St. Peter's Castle or cruise to Bardakci Bay and enjoy the bright blue waters. At night you can party in the beach bars to DJ beats at the stylish summer parties. A popular sailing route for a day trip in Bodrum takes you from Torba Marina via Paradise Bay to the beautiful Salih Island and back via Hattat Bay. You can also go from Bodrum Marina via Aquarium Bay to the "Black Island" (Kara Ada). From there you drive back to the marina via the Knidos Ancient Bay City. Week-long sailing routes from Bodrum take you to the Gulf of Gokova or the Gulf of Hisaronu.

Marmaris is another incredibly popular destination for a sailing holiday in Turkey - and not without reason. A diverse range of historical, recreational and cultural activities will fill every day of your cruise in a sailboat or catamaran with adventure, fun and relaxation! From white-sand beaches and sparkling waters to magnificent relics and ancient ruins, you won't get bored in Marmaris! Passionate shoppers will also get their money's worth at the Marina of Marmaris. There is something for everyone at one of the traditional Turkish bazaars, such as the Grand Bazaar Marmaris. There is no shortage of nightlife in Marmaris either. Thanks to the open-air clubs and numerous music events, there is always something going on here. Sail from Marmaris to Fethiye or Datca on your cruise in a catamaran or sailboat and spend several wonderful days on the water!

Not far from Marmaris is the port city of Fethiye on the southwest coast of Turkey. Sparkling seas, beautiful beaches, idyllic islands and ancient rock tombs await you here. A few miles south of the city are breathtaking bays and beaches to explore such as Oludeniz Beach and Butterfly Valley. Hire a boat in Fethiye and sail as far as Marmaris or Kekova!

Göcek, a cute harbour town is only a few nautical miles away from Fethiye and is characterised above all by its international marinas. Many long-haul travellers anchor here during their sailing holiday in Turkey and the town serves as a popular departure point for cruises off the coast of Turkey. The landscape of Göcek is known for its stunning bays and islets as well as forested mountains and the crystalline sea. Göcek is the perfect starting point for a cruise in a sailboat or catamaran stopping at Fethiye! On the way, you will pass paradisiacal bays where you can refresh yourself in the crystal clear water. Marmaris or Kekova can also be easily reached by boat from Göcek! All in all, Göcek is the perfect base for your sailing holiday.

The capital Istanbul is, of course, one of the most popular destinations in Turkey for a cruise in a catamaran or sailboat. The vibrant metropolis stretches across the Bosporus Strait between Europe and Asia. Explore the city by boat and discover diverse influences and traces of different cultures! The panorama of the big city is particularly beautiful from the water. Sail the Black Sea or discover the sensational beaches of the Sea of Marmara on your cruise in a sailboat or catamaran from Istanbul.

Hire a boat with a skipper and crew for a relaxed sailing holiday in Turkey with family and friends

If you want a sailing holiday of ultimate relaxation, a crew charter in Turkey is just right for you! The skipper will have an intimate knowledge of the area and will take you by boat to the most beautiful spots on the Adriatic Sea while you sit back, relax and enjoy the view! Depending on your preferences and boat, you may have the choice to travel with an entire crew on board. The crew typically consists of four to six crew members: a skipper, a cook, one or two hostesses, and one or more deckhands.

Explore Turkey on a Traditional Gulet!

These large sailing ships are made of wood and originate in the southwest of Turkey. Thanks to their size, the ships are perfect for large groups and families. Gulets usually have six to eight cabins and can accommodate 12 to 24 guests. On these boats, you always travel with a crew of four to twelve crew members (depending on the size of the boat).

How much does a sailing holiday in Turkey cost?

The prices for a Turkish cruise in a sailboat or catamaran can vary depending on the season, hire period and the size, comfort and equipment of the boat. As an experienced sailor with a boat licence, you have the opportunity to rent a bareboat charter and become the captain of your own boat. On larger boats, a skipper is sometimes mandatory to minimise the risk of damage. Even as an experienced sailor, you can benefit a lot from the local expertise of the skipper and his insider tips. For a more luxurious and worry-free Turkish cruise in a catamaran or sailboat, you have the choice of chartering a crewed boat. Before booking, find out which costs are included in the charter price.

As a rough guide, the average price for a cruise in a sailboat is about £1708 per week in low season or £2275 per week in high season. The average price for a cruise in a catamaran, however, is about £2701 per week in low season, or £5403 per week in high season.

Services included and additional costs

The charter price often only includes the basic hire of the boat. It is important to find out beforehand about any additional costs that you may incur to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. It is best to ask your charter company directly. Mandatory extras may include services such as a final clean of the boat, fuel, check-in and check-out paperwork and documents, a dive inspection of the boat to check for any damage, linens, cutlery and crockery, etc.

Depending on the type of boat and the offer, there are other extras available that you can book for your trip. On a cruise in a sailboat or catamaran, activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, snorkelling and scuba diving, and kayaking are available, and there are also normally inflatables on board. In addition, you always have the option of hiring a skipper and a hostess. Larger crewed charters such as gulets are typically all-inclusive. Crew, fuel, transit log, bed linen, cleaning and local tax are included in the hire price. Larger water sports accessories such as jet skis, wakeboards, water skis and much more may also be included.

The best time for a sailing holiday in Turkey

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate on the Turkish coast, summers here are long, warm and sunny. The high season for sailing charters in Turkey runs from early May to early October. For an undisturbed cruise in a sailboat or catamaran, we recommend planning your cruise in a catamaran or sailboat for April to mid-May or from mid-September to October. During these months you will find more availability and due to the low season, prices are often cheaper during this period. Furthermore, cities, beaches and ports are quieter and less crowded during this period.

Which is better, a cruise in a catamaran or a cruise in a sailboat?

While a sailing holiday in Turkey aboard either one of these boat types is sure to be something special, you will have a very different experience in each one. Aboard a sailboat, you will get a very authentic experience where you really get to feel the rhythm of the waves. These boats typically have less space onboard but are also usually cheaper than catamarans both in terms of fuel requirements, and also regarding the docking space required when dropping your anchor at the marinas. If you are not an experienced sailor, this might not be the boat for you, though, as they are less stable than catamarans, increasing the risk of seasickness.

A sailing holiday in Turkey aboard a catamaran, however, is synonymous with luxury. These boats, although sometimes very expensive, are very spacious, with ample room for all the travellers. The double hull structure also offers increased stability in comparison to its single hull counterpart, thus reducing the risk of seasickness. The main drawback of catamarans is that they are typically much more expensive than sailboats, especially during the high season.

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