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Boat hire in Paxi with Click&Boat

Located in the Ionian Sea, Paxi is a hidden gem of Greece. It's a small island known for its blue waters, sandy beaches, and lush greenery. Paxi is a paradise for sailing enthusiasts, as the island's coastline offers breathtaking views and tranquil bays. Renting a boat in Paxi allows you to explore the island at your own pace, hop from one beach to another, and discover hidden coves that are only accessible by boat.  

For those looking to explore a bit further, a Corfu yacht charter or yacht charter in Lefkada both offer a delightful opportunity to discover the charms and hidden treasures of other Ionian gems.

What type of boat is best for a yacht charter in Paxi?

Sailboat Minimum capacity 2 and maximum capacity 30

Motorboat Minimum capacity 2 and maximum capacity 8

RIB Minimum capacity 2 and maximum capacity 12

Sailboat Minimum cabin space 2 and maximum cabin space 2

How much does it cost for boat hire in Paxi?

The cost of renting a boat in Paxi varies depending on various factors. The season plays a significant role, with prices peaking during the high season and decreasing during the low season. The duration of the rental also affects the price, with longer rentals generally costing less per day. The type of boat you choose also plays a role, with motorboats generally being less expensive. The port or marina from which you rent the boat and whether you choose to hire a skipper or not will also affect the price. Finally, any additional equipment or crew that you may need will add to the total cost.

Below are the average prices for boat hire in Paxi

Sailboat Prices start from £116 per day

Motorboat Prices start from £90 per day

RIB Prices start from £253 per day

What is included in the cost?

There are various extras that are worth enquiring about for your boat rental in Paxi. If you are interested in fuel prices, skipper, water sports and equipment, it is advised to discuss this with the boat owner as some rentals may include the cost in the price while others may not. Our experts are also at hand to answer any of your questions.

What season is the best to charter a yacht in Paxi?

If you're looking for ideal weather conditions, the summer months from June to September offer plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, with little rain. The sea is also at its warmest during this time, making it perfect for swimming and water activities. Additionally, the summer season is a time of festivities in Paxi, with local celebrations, festivals and cultural events taking place throughout the island. However, it's worth noting that the high season can also mean more crowded beaches and marinas, and higher prices for boat rentals. If you prefer quieter surroundings and lower prices, consider visiting Paxi during the shoulder season in May or October, when the weather is still pleasant and the crowds are less.

Where to hire a boat in Paxi?

Paxi has several ports and marinas where boats can be rented. The main ports on the island are Gaios, Lakka and Loggos. Gaios is the largest and most central port, located on the eastern side of the island, and offers the most facilities for boaters, including a fuel station, restaurants, shops, and water and electricity supplies. Lakka, situated on the northern tip of Paxi, is a smaller port with a picturesque setting and a range of restaurants and cafes. Loggos, on the east coast, is the smallest of the three ports, with fewer facilities but a more relaxed atmosphere. The distance between the ports and the airport or city center varies, with Gaios being the most accessible

Where to sail in on your yacht charter in Paxi?

Sailing on a yacht charter in Paxi allows you to explore some of the most beautiful and secluded spots in the Ionian Islands. One must-visit destination is the island of Paxos itself, where you can anchor in the calm waters of Lakka Bay, swim in the waters of Monodendri beach, or explore the sea cave of Tripitos. Another highlight of the coast of Paxos is the village of Longos, where you can enjoy a traditional Greek meal at a seaside taverna or relax on a sunbed at the nearby beach. The nearby island of Antipaxos is also worth a visit, with its stunning sandy beaches and turquoise waters perfect for swimming and snorkelling. And for those seeking seclusion and privacy, the coast of Paxos is dotted with secluded coves and bays that can only be accessed by boat. Overall, sailing on a yacht charter in Paxi offers endless possibilities for exploring the stunning coastline of the Ionian Islands.

Hire a boat with or without a skipper?

Paxos boat rental can be with or without a skipper. Renting with a skipper is more expensive, but offers safety, knowledge of local destinations, and a better overall experience. Renting without a skipper requires a valid boating licence, responsibility for safety, and planning your itinerary. The decision to rent with or without a skipper in Paxi depends on experience, confidence, and personal preferences.

Good to know

Number of boats:61 boats available
Types of boats:Without license, Motorboat, RIB
Average price: £207 per day
Minimum price: £55 per day
Maximum price: £8,400 per day
Manufacturers:Jeanneau, Beneteau, and more

Frequently Asked Questions about Paxi

How much does it cost to hire a boat in Paxi for a day?

The average cost of hiring a boat in Paxi is around £207 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between £55 and £8,400 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Paxi?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Paxi, you can expect to pay an average of £96 per day for a skipper.

What are the most popular boat manufacturers in Paxi?

The most popular boat manufacturers in Paxi are Jeanneau and Beneteau.

Can I add equipment like snorkel gear, SUP boards or a wakeboard to my boat charter in Paxi?

Many owners offer various extras that you can add to your booking in Paxi. This can be for example Bathing, Bimini or Sunbath.

Can you hire a boat in Paxi without a license?

In Paxi there are 39 boats that you can hire without a license. You can also hire many boats with a skipper.

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