Hire a boat in Phthiotis with or without a licence

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Rental type
With or without a skipper
0 - £1,050+
0 - 60+ m
0 - 400+ hp
2003 - 2024
400 Max Km
10 boats available
Find out the yacht or the sailboat that fits your needs by the yacht charter in Phthiotis with our platform. During your trip, take advantage of sailing on the sea or on the canals and the rivers or leave the yacht at the dock and explore the surroundings of the destination of your choice.

Good to know

Number of boats:20 boats available
Types of boats:Motorboat, Sailboat, Without license
Average price: £135 per day
Minimum price: £100 per day
Maximum price: £1,500 per day
Manufacturers:Lagoon, Bali, and more

Frequently Asked Questions about Phthiotis

How much does it cost to hire a boat in Phthiotis for a day?

The average cost of hiring a boat in Phthiotis is around £135 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between £100 and £1,500 per day.

Is it possible to hire a boat with skipper in Phthiotis?

It is possible to hire a boat with skipper in Phthiotis. On Click&Boat, there are 5 boats in Phthiotis where a skipper is available. However, please note that this comes at an additional cost, which is on average £150 per day.

What are the most popular boat manufacturers in Phthiotis?

The most popular boat manufacturers in Phthiotis are Lagoon and Bali.

How many people can fit on a boat in Phthiotis?

The maximum capacity for boats in Phthiotis is 48 persons. Note that if you hire a boat with skipper, they also count to the number of people.

What types of boats can I hire in Phthiotis?

In Phthiotis you can hire for example a Motorboat, Sailboat or even a Without license.

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