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Boat Hire Beneteau

Beneteau, world leader in sailboat manufacturing

Beneteau is over 130 years old! Their journey started in 1884 when Benjamin Beneteau launched the group's first shipyard in Croix-de-Vie, in the Vendee, France. 

This historical builder, renowned in the nautical market, is a key player in the industry when it comes to manufacturing sailboats. The Océanis models are found everywhere because of their unique sailing capabilities. This range has been dedicated to racing thanks to its refined finish, its sports orientation and its focus on performance. 

As an iconic shipyard, Beneteau is able to meet the demands adapted to each potential boat user. There is a boat made for everyone: from those passionate about fishing, to those who wish to spend their holidays relaxing on a luxury yacht. 

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Beneteau continues to modernize and adapt over time. The company continues to offer a heritage range that pays tribute to the most beautiful boats built in the past. These boats are deeply embedded with a certain 'historical' character that is sure to provoke unique sentiments to all those who sail them. Today, the popular motor boats of the Antares, Barracuda, Flyer, Grand Turismo, Monte Carlo and Swift Trawler models continue to also stand out as they offer unforgettable sailing experience aboard, just at a faster pace!

With Click&Boat, the most popular Beneteau models are available for hire in destinations all over the world. You can find these boats in marinas all over the French Riviera, but also in other destinations further away from the Mediterranean like the Miami and the Caribbean.

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